The organizers of TIFF are trying to achieve a more versatile lighting festival (PHOTOS)

Организаторы TIFF пытаются добиться более разностороннего освещения фестиваля (ФОТО)

Until recently, the International film festival in Toronto (TIFF) was just a dream for freelancer Yolanda Machado from Los Angeles.

“I never thought about it. The cost is crazy,” said Machado, who wrote for such publications as Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar, as well as leading entertainment blog

But everything changed last month when the leadership TIFF wrote Machado who identify themselves as latina, and invited her to take part in their new media the inclusive initiative.

This year the organizers of the TIFF for the first time seek to increase the diversity of representatives press corps covering the festival, 20%. Thus, it will include up to 200 new critics and reporters who will represent people of different cultures, of different genders, sexual orientation and physical abilities.

Guide TIFF explained that expanding the range of opinions about the festival, responding to requests from industry.

“It often happens that you get a specific reaction to the premiere of the film at the film festival, which reflects the opinion of the media that were present, or industry, whose representatives were present − said Cameron Bailey, artistic Director of the festival. − Then with the film meets a wider audience, and the reaction may be different: it can be stronger or weaker, or just completely different − and all because the guests of major festivals often do not reflect the views of the General mass of moviegoers, and this is due to historical reasons”.

Under the new initiative, the organizers of TIFF this year included the accreditation form for the press a survey that you can fill at will. The results should give an idea about journalists and about their identity.

To participate were invited writers and bloggers with an unusual point of view, who have not visited the festival before. They offered fully accredited as media representatives.

Thanks to funding from the companies, investors in the film industry and public donations, the organizers of TIFF will ensure the invited critics almost 100 hotel rooms for four nights – i.e. for the duration of the festival and offset the cost of flights to Toronto.

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