The papal messenger had asked forgiveness for intimate scandal in Chile

Папский посланник попросил прощения за интимный скандал в Чили

The papal emissary has asked forgiveness of Catholics in region of Chile, where people protested against the Bishop, who was dragged into a scandal involving sexual violence.Archbishop Charles Scicluna held a mass and told parishioners that “Pope Francis gave him the task to apologize to all the faithful in the diocese of Osorno,” writes the Chronicle.INF.

Earlier in the appointment, the Pope rejected the complaints against Bishop Juan Barros as “stupid”. But he later admitted the mistake and even personally met with victims of the Bishop.

A week ago, Francis has accepted the resignation of Barros and two other bishops of Chile.

At yesterday’s Sunday mass people came, who stayed away from Church because of the initial appointment of Barros to the post of Bishop.

Now the country are investigating the incidents. Police are investigating the documents seized from the Catholic Church.

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