The passenger sat in his underwear 12 hours of flight and has become a laughing stock

Пассажир просидел в трусах 12 часов полета и стал посмешищем

Passenger of Air France complained of a companion who spent the entire flight sat next to her with no pants and socks. About their experiences the girl told in Twitter account. Her posts drew attention to the publication the Sun.

Lizzie Thompson was a passenger for a 12 hour flight Paris- Los Angeles and witnessed the strange behavior of the man who sat across the aisle. First, even before the plane took off, the tourist began to undress. “The man in the chair opposite took off his pants and was left in boxers,” wrote Thompson, adding that he took off and socks too.

She has published several photos in which the passenger walked barefoot in the cabin. This upset users of the network. “What’s wrong with people!??? It’s not your living room!” — they wrote.

Then the man drank four mini-bottles of wine and fell asleep after two hours of flight, and four hours later it froze and wore a down jacket, but left his feet bare.

After landing, Thompson wrote that a man all dressed the same. “Finally he pulled on his pants. Good news: nothing brings passengers as a half-naked passenger in your row,” joked the girl.

Her posts in Twitter account went viral and got thousands of likes, comments and reposts. Netizens ridiculed the Nude passengers, and the most frequent question they asked was the question about his nationality.