The pensioner was lucky to find in the garbage 100 thousand pounds

Пенсионерке посчастливилось найти в мусоре 100 тысяч фунтов

A woman wants to spend the money on a cruise.

General cleaning in the house ended for 69-the summer pensioner from the city of Kingston upon hull in the UK incredible luck. The old lady was going to trash the stuff from the attic, but at the last moment found a box of old coins worth 100 thousand pounds (about 3.5 million), reports the with reference for Today.

First, the woman wanted to throw coins, but after persuasion grandchildren decide free to evaluate their value on the website for the sale of Antiques, together with other finds: the silver tea set and jewelry, which she considered expensive.

Experts of the website explained an elderly British woman that a coin was vytekanie in 1644 during the reign of Charles I, and, as it is preserved in very good condition, its going to auction. For a numismatic rarity plan to gain more than 100 thousand pounds.

Anthony Charman, chief appraiser website Vintage Cash Cow, said that all other things old women was worth no more than 150 pounds.

“She was happy, but didn’t understand why we came to her home. But when we told her the price of the coin, she almost fell off the chair” — he said.

The old lady intends to spend the money on a cruise, and to help pregnant granddaughter to get a mortgage.

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