The Pentagon called the main threat to the U.S.

Пентагон назвал главную угрозу для США

The military potential of Beijing represents a key danger for the United States.The Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff US Armed forces General Joseph Dunford is confident that in the years 2025-2035 Russia is unlikely to pose the same threat to States like China, because they will not be able to maintain at the current level of their potential. He stated this on Monday, 5 November, in a speech at Duke University, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

“When we talk about the horizon 2025-2035 years – a benchmark by which we evaluate its ability to perform its functions at that time, we will be capable to achieve greater capabilities than China, and perhaps Russia, which is unlikely to be able to maintain at the same level that it does now,” said Dunford.

He stressed that in Russia the demographic decline and economic indicators.

“I don’t think that Russia will present such a significant threat in the years 2025-2035 as China,” said the General.

In his view, China has more opportunities to build their capacities.

“I think the next 20-30 years we need to look at China as a threat to which we must navigate,” added Dunford.

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