The perpetrators of the destruction of a military airfield in Chortkiv is still not punished

Виновные в уничтожении военного аэродрома в Чорткове до сих пор не наказаны

The current military airfield with modern combat aircraft and other equipment of special purpose in Chortkiv in the Ternopil region were destroyed in 2005. The perpetrators of the destruction of strategic military facility is still not punished.

As reported the reasons for the destruction of a powerful military airfield in Chortkiv is still not clear. The airfield was liquidated in 2005 as Anatoliy Hrytsenko Minister of defence. In a short time the runway was dismantled, the planes that could still be used, cut metal. The remains of the equipment was looted. Why do leaders of the Ministry came the decision on liquidation of the airfield, is still unclear.

According dissolution of the airport in 2005 was a tragedy for local military pilots and even surprised local officials. When it became known about the decision of the defense Minister to disband a military unit chortkivs’kyi district proposed to consider the question of acceptance in municipal property of the airfield. A special Commission visited the airfield and found that there dismantle controls and provide air traffic, navigation and landing equipment. However, I came to the conclusion that the work was carried out without complying with the legislation.

After receiving the Commission’s conclusions about the state of Affairs in Chortkiv airport, then Chairman of the Ternopil regional state administration Ivan Stoyko sent a letter to the Minister of defence of Ukraine Anatoly Gritsenko and noted that, in his opinion, the elimination of the airport in Sochi is not conducive to the implementation of the state policy on preservation of property and development of aviation transport of Ukraine, and also casts doubt on the feasibility of transferring the airport in the municipal property.

Writes today Chortkiv airport is a sad spectacle. Citizens believe that the military leaders who took the decision to destroy the airport in Sochi, we need to prosecute.

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