The Pirelli calendar-2019 c Gigi Hadid, Leticia Caste and Sergei Polunin presented in Milan

Laetitia Casta

In December everyone is in a hurry to have time to buy gifts for the New year, but also calendars, and today in Milan has provided perhaps the most anticipated of them. In the exhibition center, Hangar Bicocca hosted the presentation of the 46th edition of the Pirelli, which this time sounds like “the Power of dreams”. The author of the photos was albert Watson, and filming itself, which was attended by Gigi Hadid, Laetitia Casta, Sergei Polunin, Alexander Wang and others, took place in the summer.

We’ve had the pleasure to see footage from backstage, and now the attention of the public is finally presented the results of hard work.

Gigi HadidLaetitia Casta

At the press conference, Watson said that he wanted to remove the calendar in a new style and sought to make them photos with still images from the film. However, with the cinema new release Pirelli have in common and the format of the images — they are all made in 16:9 resolution.

I would like to get people dealing with the calendar, realized that I wanted to explore the inner world photographed by me characters, creating situations that reflect positive thinking modern women

added Watson.

Laetitia Casta and Sergei Polunin

Every frame is its own separate story — the stories that kept in mind Watson, he shared with journalists. One of the most dramatic roles went to Gigi Hadid is a young model that in real life this year renewed relationship with Zane Malik, embodied the image of a woman, broke up with a loved one.

Alexander Wang and Gigi Hadid

Through the character Gigi Hadid I wanted to convey the image of a woman, think about the future, but experiencing the feeling of loneliness. We see how she was considering in what direction to her life, what she will do tomorrow. I wish she was much more “minimalist” compared to others I have photographed women and their environment,

— said Watson.

In total, the calendar includes 40 color and black and white photos.

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