The police called a “favorite” cars Ukrainian car thieves

Полиция назвала "любимые" автомобили украинских автоугонщиков

Cheap auto steal because of the shortage of spare parts, expensive.

The police called cystogenesis car brands in Ukraine. As it turned out, solid leadership from the Soviet VAZ (see infographic), which, by the way, they remain in this list for several recent years, according to the with reference for Today.

On average, the criminals steal the Vase 2-3 a day, and all around the country dealers stealing 14-15 cars per day. As recently reported, the General Prosecutor’s office, the hijackers were attacking not only private transport, but one that is state property. With about hundreds of vehicles were stolen by fraud and nearly 20 – as a result of assaults.

“The analysis shows that in some places the perpetration of an illegal taking vehicles most are spontaneous Parking lots and streets of cities with developed infrastructure. Highest number of car thefts happening in the capital and regional centers”, – told “Today” the first Deputy head of the criminal investigation Department of national police Colonel Sergei Rudchenko.

Why steal

The main reason for the popularity of VAZ among thieves cops called the demand for spare parts for these cars.

“On the Ukrainian market and a clear shortage of spare parts for VAZ, so the demand is there. The causes of shortage several. For example, in the past they came to Ukraine from Russia, now with these have difficulties because of declining trade. Second, many models VAZ is being manufactured, respectively, and to find spare parts for them is also a problem, – told us the operatives. – As for the cars, they steal, usually to order. This applies to cars, “Toyota”, “Mercedes”. Practice shows that the cars of the prestigious marks after the theft a few days put “on the air”, that is put to stand somewhere in a secluded place. This is done in order to understand a car or not equipped with satellite tracking system and will it look hard. If after three days the car no one came, it is either distilled to a customer or dismantled for parts” – explain pravoohraniteli.

In national police clarify that for seven months of this year, detectives revealed 39% of the total number of such crimes, and the problem of theft is now one of the most important.

“Soon we will have exercises to combat theft of vehicles,” – said the first Deputy head of national police Vyacheslav Abroskin.

The police added that the results of the exercise will be developed a new system of disclosure of autostealings.

Search on their own

In recent years social networks the residents of the largest Ukrainian obltsentrov created several online communities, where, in the case of theft, the owners urgently publish information about your emergency and asking for help from other motorists. Drivers post photos of their cars and contacts with requests to report the location of the vehicle, if someone accidentally will notice. If you find a car failed the administrators of these communities publish reports.

“There are cases where motorists have prescribed numbers of stolen cars, hoping that if you find somewhere, then get the promised reward”, – told us a member of one of these groups.

Stealing tractors and cars of cops

Among the stealings of transport in Ukraine there were also curiosities. Last winter in the Ternopil Velyki Dederkaly village local resident, being drunk, stole from the garage of the municipal enterprise tractor to do a fellow a good deed – to clear snow from rural roads. The villagers did not appreciate his efforts and said to the police.

“Despite the fact that the village no one was convicted, was the court which found the citizen guilty and was sentenced to a year probation. Now the man corrected, does not violate the law”, – told the “Today” of the village headman, Ivan Danilyuk.

Serial kidnappers Vazov found in luck. Here, the police caught two young men who are suspected that within a few months, stole six cars VAZ, intending to dismantle them for parts. But in the village Tsebrykove Odessa region last summer, four rebels after a skirmish with the cops stole their car.

Полиция назвала "любимые" автомобили украинских автоугонщиков

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