The Pope accepted the resignation of the cardinal, mixed up in sex scandals

Папа римский принял отставку кардинала, замешанного в секс-скандалах

The Pope accepted the resignation of the cardinal, mixed up in sex scandals

Author: Katerina Moskalets

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Donald William Wuerl officially resigned, which confirms a personal letter of Pope Francis to the Washington cardinal.

Wurl, who in November was 78 years old, technically, resigned on reaching 75 years of age, as do all the bishops and cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church. However, the cardinals are often permitted to continue serving up to 80 years. Many experts believe that Burl left the Department under pressure from the public and the Church after discussion of his involvement in the scandals of sexual violence committed by members of the Catholic clergy.

The Pontiff accepted the resignation of Vurla, noting the “generosity” with which the cardinal responded to criticism. Today, October 12, Wuerl said that he was deeply touched by the “kind words of understanding” of the Pope, and asked forgiveness for “past mistakes.”

“My resignation is one way to Express my undying and unwavering love for you, the community of Washington” — reads the official statement Furla.

Папа римский принял отставку кардинала, замешанного в секс-скандалахPope Francis, accompanied by President Barack Obama, greets cardinal Donald William Vourla. Source: US Air Force

The spiritual career of Donald William Furla lasted more than 50 years. However, after the publication of the 900-page report, the Grand jury in Pennsylvania and addresses of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, the former U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican, accusing Vurla that he covered his predecessor Theodor Macquarrie, the cardinal felt a strong pressure on the part of believers and a secular society.

The former cardinal of Washington McCarrick was banned in the Ministry, after the Board of Trustees of the Archdiocese of new York found compelling evidence that the priest had committed sexual abuse of seminarians.

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