The Pope addressed the members of the Sicilian mafia

Папа Римский обратился к членам сицилийской мафии

Francis visited Palermo, where he called on the mafia to abandon the crimesPope Francis visited Sicily, where he addressed the members of the mafia. In particular, he has urged mobsters to abandon crime and violence, reports the with reference to RBC-Ukraine

In a speech to the mob he used the address “dear brothers and sisters.” To listen to a sermon in the port district of the Sicilian capital of Palermo gathered 80 thousand people.

Pope Francis said that a member of the mafia go to Church and openly demonstrate their religiosity.

“You can’t believe in God and be mafia at the same time”, – quotes BBC words Francis.

Pope Francis arrived in the capital of Sicily to honor the memory of father Giuseppe “Pino” Puglisi. He died at the hands of the mafia in 1993 after the father entered into an open confrontation with organized crime, which controlled the city. In 2013, Giuseppe Puglisi ranked as the blessed martyrs.

“The mafia is not living a Christian life because their lifestyle goes against God and sinning. I tell my mafia members: me, brothers and sisters! Stop thinking about yourself and your money. Refer to the true God, to Jesus Christ, dear brothers and sisters,” said the Pontiff in preaching.

Note, the murder of Giuseppe “Pino” Puglisi, who exposed organized crime in his sermons, ordered by the local mafia bosses, Filippo and Giuseppe Graviano. Six of the organizers and perpetrators of the murder were convicted in 1998. Almost all of them received life sentences.

Recall that on 5 September 2018, it became known that the city of Marbella in Spain arrested three crime bosses, among whom are two representatives of the Georgian clans. The arrest took place when the leaders of the mafia were discussing the plans for the assassination of one of the members of a hostile clan. Among the participants of “meeting” were two representatives of the Georgian clans, who in recent years, coordinated the actions of the immigrants from Russia.

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