The Pope urged not to do from temples to markets

Папа Римский призвал не делать из храмов рынки

The Church should not be turned into secular salons.Churches should be a “house of God”, not the market and not a social salon, where there is a worldly spirit. So, commenting on the gospel reading of the feast of the Consecration of the Lateran Basilica November 9, Pope Francis explained why Jesus threw the moneychangers out of the Temple. It is reported by Vatican News, reports the with reference to UNIAN.

The son of God was motivated by love and zeal for the house of the Lord, which people have turned into the market. Jesus sees that a sacred place was populated by idolaters, people who are ready to serve money instead of God.

“Money is the idol,” explained Pope Francis, and urged to think about how we treat our temple as God’s house, to the house of prayer and encounter with the Lord, or are they similar to the market and hangs a price list for the Sacraments.One could argue that it is not about the price list, but the amount of donations.

“If people want to make a donation, – explained the Pope – let them put it in the donation box, secretly, so no one saw how much they gave”.

The Pope also cautioned against the risk of turning our churches into a secular salons, especially at the solemn celebration of the Sacraments or celebration of anniversaries. Worship should be beautiful, said the Pope, however, it is unacceptable that they become social events with the worldly spirit that comes from idolatry of money.

“Essence of corruption is the selling of the soul to the deity of money”, – concluded the Holy Father.

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