The Predator has failed to recreate a link with the saga of the Alien in a strange cut end






In the long list of questions, puzzles and problems of The Predator from Shane Black : a link with the saga of cult Alien.

Heresy notorious, crash and infamous, entertainment silly and funny, yet another proof of the incompetence of the studios, flop in the theatres (about 160 million at the global box office to a budget of 90) : The Predator from Shane Black is one of many things for many people.

But the film has failed to be more. Battered when producing very complicated, and amputated many scenes and ideas that were removed in the assembly, The Predator has clearly left a note on the screen that the process has been painful and chaotic. And after a glimpse of the Predators hybrids that were crossing the hero, it is now a link with the saga of the Alien that is unveiled.


On the table of the dissections of the fans for a moment


ScreenRant dug up of visual artists Sara Villarreal and Jon K. Miller on Instagram, which confirmed that The Predator has failed to finish in another way.

At the heart of these images : a device similar to a mask, modelled on the famous facehuggers of the mythology of the Alien.

Jon K. Miller says : “Here is a breathing apparatus “facehugger” that we built for an alternative end of The Predator. (…) Unfortunately, it was cut from the final film.”

Sara Villarreal confirms the thing with a post similar to his account.



And to illustrate the rendering might have had the object in action, a drawing by the artist Fausto de Martini has also been shared. The device is placed on the face of a human being, therefore, would have had the appearance of a facehugger artificial.

With the logo Weyland-Yutani prominently, to continue the shared universe between the two sagas after Alien vs. Predator and Aliens vs. Predator : Requiem.


Facehugger 2.0


New items are being added to an already very long list of scenes and ideas cut of The Predator. Predators allies of the humans, a lab full of hybrids, the role of Edward James Olmos, intro the character of Olivia Munn, climax in the middle of the day, the dead of some of the characters, and even appearance for a moment considered Arnold Schwarzenegger : the film could have been much different.

These two artists talk about an alternative ending makes sense. The Predator ends with a scene post-credits, where McKenna and his son discover that the nice Predator had brought upon Earth a weapon, to allow humans to take on the villains Predators : a combination of high-tech that transforms the wearer into a species of super-Predator.

The writing ridiculous to the scene and the rendering awful combination, as well as opening up the bottom end to any hope of a sequel, hinted that the scene could clearly have been added in a last movement for patching up holes in the film.


Alien vs Predator vs studios vs fans vs respect


These masks facehuggers could therefore be at the heart of a previous version of the end, which would have replayed the links between the universe of Predator and Alien. Links that exist in the comics Dark Horse since the late 80’s, and which have been exploited in cinema in 2004, Alien vs. Predator, and then in Aliens vs. Predator : Requiem in 2008.

In the first episode, Lance Henriksen played Charles Bishop Weyland, while the second film ended with a scene where a woman named Yutani recovered a weapon from Predator. Weyland-Yutani, a mysterious corporation whose shadow hangs over the saga of the xénomorphes since Alien, the eighth passenger, has therefore remained central.

In any case, with such a score at the box-office, the saga Predator (solo or with anhedral) still seems to be condamée to be stored in the closet, at least for a time. Because let’s not forget : Disney is going to officially recover within a few months the catalog, Fox, Aliens and Predators included.


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