The Predator : Shane Black tells a little bit about the reshoots of the film






We will not hide, we are not quiet when it comes to the next Predator. Because we are shared between the joy of the most complete, the impatience and the legitimate fear. Because the film seems to play on all these tables at the same time.

And it is true that, from the start, and also exciting were they, the declarations of Shane Black about his view of things let see such an ambition as we awaited the time when the studio call to order. And yet, statements of this kind have continued, promising us new things and the prospect to see finally a Predator dark, funny, violent and rated R was a small place in our mind.



Then came the time of the reshoots and rumors. Impossible to know to what extent this impacterait actually the film, if this was going to change its tone and its ambition, but what is sure is that the famous original vision of the director was going to take a hit. Three months of the release of the film and three trailers later, The Predator puts us in a situation of excitement unusual in which any new item is welcome.

And it’s just as well since, probably to reassure the crowds, anguished, Shane Black himself took the floor at the microphone of the magazine Empire to say a little more about these famous reshoots and especially on those concerning the third act, which seems to have changed a lot :



“The first time we shot the third act, it was during the day. There was all this stuff creepy ones but it was full light. It does not work at all. So we said that we were going to maybe redo everything, but night this time.”

We wonder if he is not a troll as the thinking behind the filming of night seems obvious but it is necessary to believe that it is not. Shane Black is more serious. With behind this decision, the willingness to re-render the creature well creepy as well as at its beginnings, especially with the Super Predator :



“It is bigger and much more vicious. It is three meters high, it is all black, it is bristling with thorns, he has tough skin, and wears a armor and organic chitineuse. It’s the product of genetic crossing of all the worlds where he went to hunt. It is the ultimate expression of the domination of the Predator. And yes, you can say, it really doesn’t the mouth of a porte-bonheur.”

Beyond the small reference to the first film to put the fans in the pocket, Black is still in the process of we present a Predator – mode Jurassic World with its Indominus Rex. Not necessarily the most reassuring, but at least we know where we are going. The Verdict on October 17.


The Indominus Predator ?

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