The project “Card of Kiev” fold: should I worry beneficiaries

Проект «Карточка киевлянина» сворачивают: стоит ли волноваться льготникам

In Kiev plan to implement a new project of a multifunctional electronic map on the basis of the existing plastic “Card from Kiev”. New app “Municipal map “Card of Kiev” will not serve the former contractors. The contracts signed earlier between the developer “card of a Kyiv citizen” a company UnIT, the city state administration “Main information-computer centre” (givc) shall not be extended beyond 31 December 2018. The corresponding draft decision (03 December 2018, No. 4255) will submit to the plenary meeting of the city Council, after obtaining the support of two committees (transport and social protection).

In some Ukrainian cities have their “cards of the citizen”. As reported in “Oshchadbank, in partnership with local authorities developing municipal cards project in Chernivtsi, Mukachevo, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv, Lviv (ATO). Negotiations on the implementation of the municipal card in 10 cities of Ukraine, but the most successful was the project in Kyiv. According to “Oschadbank”, today they released 617 thousand “Card from Kiev”, the city will continue to maintain and in 2019 (we are working on introduction of new services for customers). It is not excluded that to take part in a new project, except “savings Bank”, can any banking institution have signed an agreement with MICC.

As assured “FACTS” in capital Department of information and communication technologies (it’s also one of the participants of the new project of the municipal card), the current owners of the multi-use “Card from Kiev” have nothing to worry about: the end date of availability of cards listed on plastic. If, for example, it has a stamp on it “07.21”, then the card is valid until July 2021 (and will continue thus and benefits and available funds).

In the “Card of Kiev” laid payment (used as a banking card) and social (information about the owner, including its benefits) modules, separate the use of which provides safe storage of personal information and payment information of the card holder. Privileged categories of Kiev current card gives you the opportunity to ride free on the subway, to get discounts in pharmacies “pharmacy”, in some supermarkets, museums and theaters.

What is offered now? In fact, the municipal map will work on the basis of the same “people”, but with enhanced functionality and mobile applications. The main task of the new project “Municipal map “Card of Kiev” will be to maintain the continuity of the townspeople bonuses, benefits, compensation, special targeted assistance and other support (put on the law and the decision of the city Council).

With this application can identify information about the recipients of surcharges, discounts, additional benefits in transport, discount for payment of goods and services. Besides, with the new program it will be possible to integrate the map into the project of a single electronic ticket for transportation, while accounting for the passengers in the metro and ground public transport.

Among the functions that are expected to put in an electronic “Municipal map “Card from Kiev”:

  • – a payment (transfer of pensions and various social benefits, control over target use of target payments, cashless payments for goods and services),
  • transport (includes e-resource for fare collection in passenger transport, information about the availability of travel tickets and/or cash balance),
  • – social (for information on benefits, bonuses, compensation provided to a person by law and by the decision of city Council);

At the request of the holder of the municipal card will connect and other applications:

  • utilities (management of benefits and subsidies to pay utilities);
  • – medical (management of the full range of medical services including health insurance);
  • – shopping (discounts in the retail trade, pharmacies, cultural institutions and medical institutions);
  • – educational (services students).

Over time, the new mobile application will provide an opportunity without leaving home to see the doctor, to buy public transport passes, to pay public utilities, to vote for a petition to support city initiatives or complain about city services, check the schedule of the child and his spending in the school cafeteria, watch out for the capital news and more.

To the municipal map will be able to Kiev, and those who are working or studying in the capital:

  • pensioners and benefit recipients, recipients of benefits and compensation at the expense of the city budget;
  • – internally displaced persons standing on the account in Kiev;
  • – all registered in the capital;
  • – formal employment in Kiev.
  • – Metropolitan students (their parents or guardians), vocational students and University students.

To issue the card will be able to accredited banks within one month from the date of application, with pensioners, beneficiaries, and internally displaced persons should receive it for free.

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