The Prosecutor SAP bought an apartment in Kiev for 150 thousand dollars

Прокурор САП купил квартиру в Киеве за 150 тысяч долларов

The head of the 6th Department of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office (SAP) Sergey Kozachina bought an apartment in the luxury Metropolitan building on the street Chrysostom worth 150 thousand dollars, issuing it to the Trustee. According to activists of the “anti-corruption platform,” the fact of purchase is investigating the State Bureau of investigation (UIR).

According to the electronic declarations, which annually delivers Sergey Kozachina, his family after moving to Kiev, rents an appartment in the house on the street Chrysostom. The apartment is decorated to a certain Lyudmila Kuskovo. How did you manage to install Kuskova – frontman and longtime friend of mother-in-law of the Prosecutor Tatiana Kostanian, who is head of the Department of Treasury in bashtanke of the Nikolaev area. Kuskova has no other properties and even Kiev registration. Actually the apartment belongs to the family Kozachina.

The estimated cost of similar apartments in the same house at Zlatoustovskaya str., 50 is about 150-160 thousand dollars. Meanwhile, the Declaration of Sergei Kozachina for 2017 is specified, all the savings of the Prosecutor amounted to 400 thousand hryvnia. His wife, the lawyer Anne Kozachina – no savings, the wife of the Prosecutor took loans from various banks in the amount of 177 thousand. According to the Declaration for 2018 at Tiffany’s attorney Tatiana Kostanian also has no savings.

While Sergei Conacine still manages to help his parents. Last year his mother Lyubov Yakovlevna Kozachina has issued over a land area of 9 acres with a house in a holiday village near Krivoy Rog.

If the information is confirmed, Sergey Conacine can be declared a suspicion of illicit enrichment (article 368-2 of the criminal code of Ukraine).

Apartment in the capital was purchased, when Sergei Kozachina and his wife Anna were still working in the Prosecutor’s office of the Nikolaev area. Around the same time the couple purchased the apartment in Nikolaev, which was officially issued on Sergey Cotechino.

The acquisition Kosachinoye apartment in Nikolaev in 2015 has also been investigated media. In addition to salary and other declared income nor Sergey Kozachina, nor his wife did not appear. In the Declaration for 2013, the Prosecutor did not have deposits in banks, which could afford to buy an apartment. Thus, according to the Declaration of assets, income and expenses for 2014, the entire amount of income Kozachina – 113 604 thousand hryvnia –was his wages. The income of the spouse of the Prosecutor for the year amounted to 82 thousand UAH 313. Despite this, Sergey Kozachina managed to buy an apartment with a size of 60 square meters for a 312 thousand 448 UAH.

However, after the transfer Kozachina from the Prosecutor’s office of Nikolaev the Specialized anticorruption Prosecutor’s office the case was hushed up.

Choice Kuskovo as Trustee, probably due to the fact that Tatiana Kostanian is a close and trusting relationship with the family of Sergey Kozachina. Tatiana Kostanian, for example, a Honda Civic, which actually uses a family attorney. The clerk also furnished the house with an area of 225 square meters in bashtanke. By the way, according to the state register of real estate, Kostanyan also has an apartment in Odessa on the street the Academician the Queen, 37. But in the Declaration of the Prosecutor mother-in-law the property is not specified. It is possible that this also may be related Sergey Kozachina.

As previously reported, activists of the “anti-corruption platform” accused Sergey Copacino and his wife Anna in creating a “family contract”. In early February Anna Kozachina has achieved removal of arrest from property, which was “evidence” in the NAB investigated the matter on the withdrawal of funds from the Bank “Khreschatyk” on the eve of its bankruptcy. According to activists, Anna Kozachina systematically offers the customers to settle the problems with SAP and NAB, referring to the high position of her husband.

Prosecutor Sergei Kozachina became known after NABOO was publicized transcripts of the office of the head of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office of Nazar Golodnitsky. In particular, 9 February 2018 Holodnitsky called senior Prosecutor Sergei Cotechino, which is investigating a number of criminal proceedings against MP George Logoiskogo. Kozachina said he was going to announce a suspicion Lowincome in corruption crimes. Holodnitsky asked Kozachina when for Lowincome should be completed investigations and noted that things have, or to postpone indefinitely, or to close altogether. A year later Kozachina wasn’t prepared suspicion Lowincome.

Прокурор САП купил квартиру в Киеве за 150 тысяч долларов

Прокурор САП купил квартиру в Киеве за 150 тысяч долларов