The protests in Paris: almost a thousand arrested, hundreds more injured

Протесты в Париже: почти тысяча арестованных, более сотни раненых

8 December in France, was held the event “yellow jackets.” In protests across the country took part 125 thousand protesters. It is reported by the French interior Ministry. During the protests in Paris were injured 135 people, including seven law enforcement officers, writes Le Figaro.

Overall, the police made 1,385 arrests, 974 people remained under arrest.

As he wrote, “the FACTS,” earlier in Paris, clashes broke protesters “yellow jackets” with the police. Participants of the action “yellow jackets” were even built barricades to protect themselves from the police.

So the protesters tried to isolate themselves from law enforcement, the number of which in Paris today reached 8 thousand. The Paris police used water cannons against the protesters, who threw flares and staged arson in one of the shopping districts of the French capital.

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