The protests of “yellow jackets”: the first barricades in Paris and arrests across the country

Протесты "желтых жилетов": первые баррикады в Париже и аресты по всей стране

Protesters in Paris “yellow jackets” began to establish the first barricade. For the construction of the barrier they use concrete slabs, dustbins and even trees.

So the protesters are trying to isolate themselves from law enforcement, the number of which in Paris today reaches 8 thousand. All across France in protests attended by 31 thousand people.


At that time, as the situation on the Champs Elysees today is relatively calm, riots break out in other parts of the French capital — the protesters are trying to get to the Elysee Palace.

According to recent reports, about 700 people were arrested across France on Saturday, including 581 in Paris. Of these, 423 were taken into custody.

Police conducted numerous checks, confiscating the protesters goggles, helmets, and items that can be used for violence.

During the clashes between “yellow vests” and police officers in Paris on December 8 and injured 30 people. About it reported in head Department of the police of Paris. Among the injured three employees of the security forces.

As he wrote, “FACTS”, earlier in Paris the first collision happened protesters “yellow jackets” with the police.

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