The psychologist called the main danger of social networks

Психолог назвала основную опасность соцсетей

Social network deprive people of the ability to critically evaluate information that leads to the development of propaganda and false information on the Internet. This was told RIA “news” the Director of the research center of metapsychology in California, Dr. Pamela Rutledge, reports “Bagnet”.

In addition, the communication in the Network leads to a lack of ability to communicate kindly and to smooth out conflicts. In this regard, it is important to learn to use the technology only for specific purposes, and to monitor their time and behavior.

Listed above is the main danger of social networks, not emerging dependence as is commonly thought. Moreover, the expert notes that the addiction to the Internet is not all about her claims.

Most often the true dependence appears in the presence of other mental health problems. It can be depression, anxiety or attempts to avoid other people, says a psychologist. Such problems are not always associated with frequent use of the Internet, so in this case, people should not reduce their online time and access to specialists.