The reboot of Candyman has found its director and already reveals its release date






Go and make your shocked, you knew it was going to happen. Seen as Halloween has cardstock in the rooms, you can expect that all the boogeymen of the 80s-90s are back on our screens in two years.

That said, the reboot of the cult Candyman Bernard Rose, adapted from a novel by the brilliant Clive Barker and released in 1992, was in discussions prior to the release of the new Halloween. So, if there really is opportunism, one can speak of opportunism by anticipation. Still, when you see who takes care of them, you can even afford to be a little optimistic.


A film whose success inspires a lot of people apparently

In fact, two months ago, we had heard that Jordan Peele, still basking in the success of his or her very good Get Out, was in the starting blocks to produce the famous reboot via his production company Monkeypaw. Information that is being confirmed today since, in addition, the website of Variety has just announced that the project already had a director in line of sight : Nia DaCosta, whose first film Little Woods is not yet out in us.

It would not be a reboot, strictly speaking, since the film would consider more like a spiritual sequel to the original which takes place in Chicago, in the poor area of Carbini Green now gentrified. The shooting should start next spring and if for the moment we don’t know who will be the new Candyman in place of Tony Todd, the film already has a release date set to June 12, 2020 for the United States.


A Candyman fire and flames


Jordan Peele has taken the opportunity to share his enthusiasm for the project that clearly displays his ambitions :

“The original film was a significant moment for the representation of black people in horror cinema. In The same way as Night of the Living Dead, Candyman has been a major source of inspiration for my career as a director and have a young filmmaker as daring as Nia in the head of the project is very exciting. We are very honoured to occupy us in the new chapter of this saga, while providing a new audience a gateway to the world of Clive Barker.”

Reassuring of course, but we feel when even glide a little smell ofHalloween if you want to be quite honest.


Tony Todd

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