The researcher Gaston Naessens died at the age of 94

Charlatan for some, genius for others, the controversial inventor of 714-X, Gaston Naessens, died last Friday, at the age of 94, at his residence in Sherbrooke. The cause of his death was not disclosed.

A French origin, Gaston Naessens was living in the Eastern Townships since the 60s, where he set up his own research laboratory at the same residence in the borough of Rock Forest.

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Gaston Naessens is the inventor of the controversial 714-X that has hit the headlines for many years because of doubts about its true healing potential.

The invention of the product and its administration to several patients has earned it many problems with the law. In addition to the pharmaceutical industry, he has had to fight against Health Canada, which has always refused to register its drug product.

About his invention, Gaston Naessens said that the 714-X did not act as a classic remedy that targets a particular affection. Instead, he claimed to reinvigorate the patient’s immune system and natural defense mechanisms to combat degenerative diseases such as cancer.

“We are on a blacklist because it is a huge inconvenience for the pharmaceutical industry,” said the researcher in an interview with La Tribune in 2008. “It’s demolishing what already exists. Instead of taking life and putting it together, others prefer to kill what is not good, “he added at the time.

Despite the controversy surrounding the product, it is exported to 90 countries around the world. It is estimated that 22,000 714-X injections have been prescribed to date, although Health Canada still refuses to recognize the product as a drug.

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