The residents of Toronto warn that after a rainstorm the water in the area Harbourfront too dirty for swimming (PHOTO)

Жителей Торонто предупреждают: после ливня вода в районе Harbourfront  слишком грязная для купания (ФОТО)

If you were thinking about how to swim in lake Ontario in the Harbourfront district in Toronto, you’d better revise their plans.

On Tuesday, August 7, due to heavy rainfall (24 hours fell to 70 mm of rain) there was a spill of sewage that eventually ended up in the water Inner Harbour.

Now there is a huge amount of rubbish, including condoms, pads and tampons.

“We can see everything that people flushed down the toilet − said Elise Maki, coordinator of the monitoring undertaken in Toronto organization Swim Drink Fish that regularly tests the water at the city’s three berths for the maintenance of intestinal sticks and debris. − Soon after this storm there was quite terrible.”

Because in Toronto combined sewer system where sewage and storm water, a heavy downpour caused her overcrowding, and filth eventually ended up in lake Ontario.

Swim Drink Fish monitors the situation and warns all residents of Ontario: to avoid contact with water for the next few days to avoid the ingestion of pathogenic bacteria.

The organization of the Swim Drink Fish all summer testing the water twice a week to monitor the level of concentration of E. coli (Escherichia coli) − the more bacteria found in water, the more content the sewer.

In all the places where they made a fence of water for tests on Thursday, August 9, (Marina Four, Rees Street Slip and Bathurst Quay), it was found the highest content of bacteria over the past two years monitoring the composition of water in the Inner Harbour in Toronto.

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