The restaurant in Maine lobster “natureway” marijuana to their killing was “humane”

В ресторане в Мэне омаров «накуривают» марихуаной, чтобы их убийство было «гуманнее»

The restaurant in Maine lobster “natureway” marijuana to their killing was “humane”

Author: Alina Dykman

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Restaurant in Mainebefore killing lobster, “it get you stoned” their marijuana. The owner of the restaurant believes that it is more humane.

Opened 7 years ago in Southwest Harbor restaurant Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound, Charlotte Jill is experimenting with euthanasia lobster before cooking (boiled or steam) by using cannabis.

“In my restaurant we try to cook unique dishes, but it is due to these little creatures. I tried to find a way to alleviate their plight”, says Jill.

For the first experiment Charlotte took Omar, who was named Roscoe. Subjects were placed in a container with a few inches of water, and through the holes in the lid began to give a concentrated smoke marijuana.

Three weeks weeks after the experiment, the lobster was very calm and not aggressive. In gratitude, Charlotte decided to release Roscoe back into the ocean.

The “calm” lobster only at the request of the customers. No taste, no smell of marijuana in the dish no, says Charlotte Gill. Lobster steamed or boiled at the temperature of +215°C, and tetrahydrocannabinol (aromatic cannabinoid marijuana) is destroyed already at +200°C.

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