The results of the year 2018: anti-heroes — from aggressive players to unfaithful husbands

Guf Keti Topuria

Every year there are a lot of scandalous stories, which are indignantly discussing the whole country. Remember whose side in the expiring 2018 arrows flew indignation Gossips and not only. By the way, all anti-heroes on our list at this time was exclusively male — was just a coincidence, nothing personal!


And why in the list of anti-heroes this year, so many wrong men?! One of them is rapper Guf. We haven’t heard from him new tracks, but the news about the love Affairs Alexei — indefinitely.

Media interest in Dolmatovo intensified when it became known about his affair with the singer “A Studio” Keti Topuria with. Talk about it over a year ago, but only this summer, the actors began openly to publish a photo showing that they are not just friends. The idyll did not last long: in November, reports surfaced that Gough and Katie broke up because the rapper cheated on girlfriend with 18-year-old fan.

Guf Keti Topuria

Soon made contact with journalists and the hero of the scandal, saying that met up with Alex when she was only 16. As argued by Ian, the musician said that he was tired of “boring Keti Topuria” and he tried to break up with her five times, but each time managed to return it. Also, she said that had an abortion: she was allegedly pregnant by a rapper, but he didn’t want a child.

Guf mistress Jana

Mistress Yana Gufa

Now Ian, who made a good PR on this story, calls Gufa to meet — no, not in court, and on the TV show. Dolmatov on the show refuses to go, and fans in social networks says that Yana for him meant nothing (the rapper, it turns out, “planted”) and it is not the reason for his breakup with Kathy, he “will love to the end”.

Topuria has not commented on the cheating ex-boyfriend and only answers all the questions that have not communing with him, and talks about loneliness.

Keti Topuria and Guf

Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev

The main sports newsmakers recent months — players Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev, just because of his “unsportsmanlike conduct”. Players who already has been at the center of a scandalous situations, this time got into serious trouble with the law.

Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev

Kokorin and Mamaev in October celebrated 10 years of friendship in a strip club, where he stayed until the morning. After leaving the club, friends gathered in a nearby coffee shop. However, failing to get to the place, started a fight with the driver of the presenter of the First channel, which awaited her in the car near the entrance to the hotel “Beijing”.

After beating the driver, the players went to the cafe, there again was involved in a fight — this time with the officials: the Director of the Department of automotive and railway engineering of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis pack and the head of the state scientific center of US Sergey Gaisin.

Hooliganism has not gone the raging athletes with hands: they are now in jail, where you will meet New year. To all this the wife Mamaev and Alan even accused the wife of infidelity.

Alan and Pavel Mamayev

Murat Nalchajian

Even this luxurious women like Ani Lorak, can change men. Turkish businessman Murat Nalchajian this year disgraced when in a network there was video where he hugs the girl, obviously other than his lawful wife. The press immediately spread the news.

How found the journalists, in star circles it’s long been rumored that Murat is actively communicating with other women, while Lorak on tour.

Murat Nalchajian and Ani Lorak

In October, the media reported about the divorce. At the moment Ani and Murat together. In Instagram, a man wrote about his depression, he still publishes photos of lorac and their daughter Sophia, calls ex-wife his one true love and appeals to the Almighty to “forgive mistakes”.

Murat Nalchajian and Ani Lorak with her daughter

About the personal life of the singer officially not reported, but according to rumors, Anya has a very influential fan. In the works of the stars are also all represented in this year’s show compare Diva entertainment concerts Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

Vlad Sokolovsky

One of the most talked about divorces of the year — the gap Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky. They had a seemingly perfect love story, they showed the world in Instagram and on her YouTube channel. In fact, it was not fabulous: in August, Rita was shocked by the numerous fans who for three years watched the “minimise” the relations of the spouses, the news about the divorce.

The singer admitted that her husband cheated on her throughout the marriage, and, according to Dakota, Sokolovsky was not one, but dozens of mistresses, than have long known, surrounded by a blue-eyed handsome. Whose head is, of course, instantly fell the wrath of all those podeschi Dakota, which couple the whole time was a model family life.

Vlad Sokolovsky daughter

The singer then had to close the comments for all the latest posts. Now Sokolovsky writes on his page anything about the divorce, but by his fresh publications about the work and travel still invariably unfold discussion on relations with the Dakota. Most commentators — girls, and mostly all of them Express the artist their anger. And that is six months after the scandalous news!

Leonid Slutsky

Haven’t yet forgotten Hollywood scandal with Weinstein in the lead role, as it turned out, that we have, “your Harvey”. The name of the Deputy of the state Duma Leonid Slutsky, maybe would not be so famous all over the country, if its harassment complained three journalists from various media. According to the girls, the politician allows himself to dealing with the press non-standard methods — from dinner invitations to prijimani to the wall with all the consequences.

Hush failed: Slutsky publicly condemned many of the media and influential celebrities, including Ksenia Sobchak and the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. Reached the boycott declared by the state Duma a number of leading publications. In the state Duma, by the way, Slutsky antihero is not considered: the ethics Committee gathered to evaluate the behavior of the Deputy, did not find his actions no violations. Hinted that the good name of the policy decided to discredit his enemies.

Leonid Slutsky

Sam Slutsky, whom the press calls the beloved of the singer Zara, for a long time kept silent. A few months after the scandal he gave an interview in which he denied the charges, saying that he could tell that reporter “sweetie”, but only because he says so all the girls and women, which is good — “your daughter, for example, or assistants in the state Duma”. Slutsky also apologized to the girls if he “said or did something nasty to them” and expressed readiness “to meet and discuss the situation.” To date, the scandal in the press faded, Leonid Slutsky remains the Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs.

Alexander Tsekalo

Declassified press this fall and Alexander Tsekalo: famous producer took video at one of the restaurants with an unknown brunette that he’s not a friendly hug and kiss. The girl does not like the legitimate spouse Tsekalo — sister Vera Brezhneva Victoria.

57-year-old Alexander is married to Victoria for 10 years, have two children and this couple has always been considered exemplary in our show business. For Tsekalo this is the third marriage.

Victoria Galushka

By the way, according to rumors, his Union with Lolita, too, broke up because of adultery: they say he cheated on his wife with a popular in the 90’s Moscow stripper.

Alexander Tsekalo

Tristan Thompson

Worse than just cheating may be cheating on the woman in the third month of pregnancy — this act, and distinguished himself Tristan Thompson, the father of the child Chloe Kardashian.

In the spring a video was published, where the 27-year-old basketball player is having fun in the company of three girls in a nightclub. Then the tabloids wrote that the athlete was seen with another companion, with whom he spent the night in a hotel. Not long in coming and other news about the love Affairs of Tristan.

Tristan Thompson and Chloe Kardashian

Amid all these events have Chloe started pre-term labor, and she delivered a little early. Despite the dissatisfaction of the whole family, Chloe still forgave spree boyfriend and they are still together. Let us add that his ex-lover, Thompson dropped out when she was pregnant.

Vladimir Medinsky

Culture Minister Medinsky in General, characterized by non-standard statements and actions (I have devoted a separate article). But this year the politician has caused a new wave of indignation, when you spoke about the idea to call the airport of Omsk in honor of the famous native of this city Yegor Letov — leader of the band “Grazhdanskaya Oborona”, who died in 2008.

The Minister of culture said to give the objects names, living people — it is bad form. The objections of journalists Medina tried to make excuses and in the end called fans of Letov marginalized. In the continuation of this story Vladimir in an interview with “Rain” explained that he was not referring to Letov and Sergei Shnurov:

I’m not a big fan of rock band “Civil defense”, and before that was the big story of the “Leningrad” — Pulkovo, Cord. And I was trying to formulate an idea to keep in mind the Cord, but not to say it aloud so not to offend anyone.

According to Medina, he had not slept because of the night flights, therefore could be not quite accurate in his statements.

Vladimir Medinsky

Argentinian fans at the world Cup in 2018

This summer we were all seized by football fever, but in the Russian capital have not been as fun as during the world Cup. But it happened, and not particularly pleasant history: for example, in a media scandal because of the antics of the Argentine fan named Nestor Penevi. Despite its age and the noble gray, the Argentinian had fun taking funny, in his view, rollers with participation of Russians. In one instance, he asked a young lady (she was only 15) to utter an indecent phrase in Spanish.

Nestor Pienovi for the 2018 world Cup in Moscow

The joke has infuriated the public, first and foremost, indignant compatriots Penevi that are just not going to do to him — beat, write a letter to Putin with a request to punish the Argentine, to deprive him of the opportunity to attend the football matches and the list goes on. As soon as the author of the video has been identified by the Argentine authorities, he was deported to his country. Nestor had to apologize for his behavior in the Argentine broadcast TV channel.

Nestor Penevi

Some time later it became known that the man was denied a passport of a fan and he will not be able to attend matches in the next two years. In the same way he was punished three Argentine fans who joked about the same way. Not all of them played the girls: one is paid for what she asked of guy in a turban say in the video the phrase with the word “bomb”.

A rogue foodie

American Paul Gonzalez managed to become an antihero for just a female: male cheated on the girls, escaping to the meeting. Well not just running away: scoundrel were managed at the expense of the unfortunate ladies to eat lobster with champagne and other delicacies, after which he went to the toilet and was gone forever. The actions of Gonzalez suffered about a dozen women, almost all of them had to pay for dinner (the two compensated for the costs of the restaurant, upon entering the position).

45-year-old resident of Los Angeles was caught and was sentenced to 120 days in jail, three years probation and a ban to use application for Dating — that’s where Gonzalez appointed date. By the way, the police suggests that victims were more, just not all the women have complained of fraud.

Paul Gonzalez

Vlad Topalov

Celebrities should definitely be careful in their utterances in social networks: any thrown word can turn into a big scandal. This is the last time we are discussing Vlad Topalov in connection with joyful events in his life — marriage to Regina Todorenko and the birth of his son. And six months ago, surely not like the publication of the singer in Instagram, in which he laughed at the strange girl in the ice cream shop in London. The actor was photographed next to a lush lady, and wrote that he “was hysterical” when he saw how much ice cream she bought.

Well the truth is… She is where? Oh my word!

concluded Topalov.

The same post Vlad Topalov

Commentators on the page of the singer took the post of hostility, the degree of resentment from the banal “unsubscribe” soon soared to a curses against Topalov. And then the singer makes another mistake, just the level of “hand-face”:

Forgive me for my position, but I believe that the woman is bound to look good! To be a mother and wife — the two main women’s roles, given to her by God and nature.

Of course, this expression of the musician caused even more criticism. There is already Vlad had to explain that in his first post he laughed at himself, because the ice cream shop he also “took up a basin of sugar, and happily ate him”.

I’ll find pictures of me fat and happy to show you them so you didn’t think that I’m so beautiful,

— only remained to add the artist. Oh, by the way: where are the pictures, Vlad?

Regina todorenko and Vlad Topalov

Who do you think the anti-hero of the year?

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