The results of the year 2018: fashion fails that we will remember

Markle, Megan

Blame the stars that they pay little attention to their appearance, certainly not! Stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists are working to ensure that every image that their client was flawless. However, failures do happen at all — they are not insured neither the royals nor the first lady nor, it would seem, experienced stars, who are accustomed to the fact that under the flashes of cameras becomes visible even the slightest flaw.

SPLETNIK.RU continues to draw a fashionable year and offers to remember not the best fashion outlets.

1.Alina Kabaeva and dress-coat of arms

Thanks Demnya Gvasalia on the phrase “Show your passport” is now not necessary to go into a wide leg, you can just gracefully pull foot! Boots and flip flops from the Brand with prints in the form of covers of the national papers actively discussed in the world of fashion.

However, these, as perhaps suggested by the designer, provocative things faded in comparison with the outfit in which Alina Kabaeva appeared on the competitions in rhythmic gymnastics in may of this year — in the whole of the width of the chest on the dress’s bodice is adorned with embroidered emblem of Russia. The patriotism of the Olympic champion, however, is appreciated by all. Many this outfit seemed the height of bad taste. Claim, by the way, could arise not only among fashion critics, but also lawyers, after all, the rules of use of state symbols strictly specified in the law.

Alina Kabaeva

2.Meghan Markle and the price tag of the dress

A difficult two-week tour Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in Australia and Oceania almost came to an end, and in terms of the outfits passed without any incidents. But the Duchess of Sussex and her team seem to have allowed themselves to relax too early, noting that success. When the pair arrived in the Kingdom of Tonga, met noticed that the Megan dress from Self-Portrait hanging tag with a price tag.

Assistants wife of the Prince reacted quickly: no time Markle off the plane, but the price tag is gone, however, several are not less expeditious photographers still managed to take a couple of shots that flew over the world press.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

3.Meghan Markle and Prince Harry underwear and worn shoes

Megan and Harry, married in may this year, it seems, were not quite ready for his new role and increased attention to each of their output. Perhaps this can explain the fact that some of the activities the couple is clearly treated his appearance with inexcusable for members of the monarchy negligence.

For example, at a friend’s wedding Prince Harry Charlie van Straubenzee wife was dubious fashion Duo: from under the dress Megan was visible underwear, and Harry put on his shoes clearly worn soles. However, perhaps the Prince expected to revive old and how to dance in the celebration is to wear new shoes he was just pathetic.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

4.Melania trump and suit of the colonialist

The first lady of the United States is a favorite target for attacks by the press. Journalists seem ready to latch on and criticize any word or deed of the wife of Donald trump, not to mention her outfits. But two outputs Melania this year has indeed been very ambiguous.

For a visit to Kenya in October of this year, trump was chosen as headgear a white pith helmet, which is considered a symbol of European colonialism. By itself it is unlikely to be condemned, but all agreed the context: the choice of outfit in the style of exploiters in the country, which for decades served as a source of slave labor that many considered non-random.

Melania Trump

5.Melania trump and jacket Zara

Particularly galling output Melania in Kenya, many thought due to the fact that in the awkward situation of ambiguity, the first lady of the United States already came. In June, the wife of Donald trump came to visit the children of migrants in a jacket with the words “I don’t care, and you?” Many netizens took this message into account the plight of immigrants, although this time for a spouse stood up for himself Donald trump, calling it a reaction Melania on the so-called fake news.

6.Madonna and the costume of the Berbers

Scandals with cultural appropriation rocked the fashion industry not the first year, but no one seems to learn from others ‘ mistakes. However, what if the controversial outfit — a guarantee of getting on the front pages.

At the MTV VMA Madonna appeared in an outfit that looked very much like the traditional costume of the Berbers. Shortly before the award Madonna celebrated her 60th birthday in Marrakech, and apparently where we got new clothes.

7.Naomi Campbell in a bra at the meeting with the crown Princess

Style supermodels of the 90s has always been very bold, but I think in your status Naomi already can not afford to think not only about the bounds of decency, but also about the appropriateness for a particular dress. In the event of the fashion Week in Copenhagen “the black Panther” came in a mesh top and a red bra like in the Chronicles street style we haven’t seen before, but Campbell in this form also met with crown Princess Mary of Denmark!

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark and Naomi Campbell

8.Ksenia Sobchak and dress-Samobranka

One of the most unpleasant moments in the life of a fashionista — to be at the event in the same dress with anyone else invited. However, in the case of Ksenia Sobchak this summer, it became clear, competition can be not only human beings but also inanimate objects.

So, fashionable double Xenia turned ordinary table in an Italian restaurant, the colors of her dress Sobchak and tablecloths were almost identical. However, it should be noted that in such trouble she responded wryly, and she even shared a picture with followers on Instagram.

9.Natalia Vodianova and dress with the wrong side

It’s hard to believe, but the modeling career of Natalia Vodianova for almost 20 years! During this time the Russian star of world podiums have time to try the most luxurious and expensive outfits to pose for the most famous magazines and attend hundreds of events. Experience Natalia is impressive, but he didn’t save a supermodel from annoying bugs.

At a party during fashion Week in Paris, Vodianova appeared in a dress from Monse. Beautiful drape and classic colors with white polka dots, unfortunately, the image is not saved — because of the asymmetrical cut of the dress was a fine view of the reverse side of the lighter fabric.

Natalia Vodianova

10.Christina Aguilera and a giant jacket

Questions about Christina Aguilera’s aesthetic taste appeared more than once, but her look after performing in new York has surprised even seasoned fans. At the exit of the concert hall Aguilera hit the camera lenses in a leather coat cut more like a giant motorcycle jacket. Sharp-tongued netizens immediately began to compare the outfit with the cover on heavy, armored vehicles and aircraft.

Christina Aguilera

11.Bella Hadid and the costume is not on the figure

22-year-old Bella Hadid boldly mixes various styles: at parties the star of the catwalk appears in sexy sheer outfits and dresses with a deep neckline, and in everyday life prefer unisex and oversize.

At the party of the magazine Business of Fashion Bella seems to have decided to combine these two areas. Hadid has appeared in a white suit of fitted jacket with sleeves puff and pant style Sarouel. Both items were generously decorated with laces, but even with their help to pull the outfit on the figure failed. Was this suit on Belle as well, “fine”, as the result of collective work of one of the monologue Arkady Raikin.

Bella HadidArkady Raikin

What do you remember?

The results of the year 2018: what you major fashion fail?

Alina Kabaeva and dress-herbman Markle and the price tag of platemaker Markle and Prince Harry underwear and holey potentillae trump and suit colonialistically trump and jacket ZaraМадонна and costume Berberova Campbell in the bra at the meeting with kronprinsessegade Sobchak and dress samoraneniya Vodianova and dress with sancycline Aguilera and giant cordobilla Hadid and the costume is not on the figure

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