The results of the year 2018: the most annoying stars on “the Gossip”

In December SPLETNIK.RU together with readers traditionally sums up the year: we remember the most high-profile marriages, divorces, scandals and other hot topics and choose the most. This year, after reading your comments we decided to make another collection of the most boring stars, those that have already tired is not only our hardened Gossip girl, but ourselves. No, we all love our heroes, but some of them are too, too much in our lives. So, it’s time to say “Tu mAh”?

Meghan Markle

Yes, Meghan Markle, definitely a Charmer, Yes, we did shed a tear watching her wedding with Prince Harry, Yes, we love all these touching gestures they exchanged with her husband, but… how long? Starting last year (as a starting point we take the engagement), megalomania not going to end: a day without news about Megan — whether it’s a new official release of the Duchess, some slander from her outrageous family stories or insider who knows how it all “actually” — such a day in the information field lived in vain.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

After learning that Megan and Harry are expecting a baby, we, like many other employees of “celebrity media”, howled together (Rosie, Hello!): well, I was just thinking how much of the news in the spirit of “pregnant Megan Markle in dazzling clothes…” awaits us in the next six months.

Experienced Gossip girl too worried — those who every day begins with news about the stars, sometimes I want something new.

Megan, we love you, but you’re not giving us a chance to miss you.

Irina Shayk

Sexy Irina Shayk as the salary on the card, you can watch forever — as pleasing to the eye. Charming husband and daughter are not far behind — who may not like Bradley Cooper and Leah? But when you see it every day… boring, Yes.

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk with her daughter Leah

Unfortunately for jaded photos of the happy family, the stars are not homebodies and daily make motiony in different parts of the world with paparazzi on tail. Gossip girl, spit, miss, but continue to look at fresh photos, and materials with Irina and Bradley to gain traffic.

Yana Rudkovskaya

Say if the secular parties were not Yana Rudkovskaya, the party did not exist. However, perhaps this legend creates Yana, which vigilantly monitors their presence in the media.

Yana Rudkovskaya

Maybe that is why it has so much new music and sports projects, verified to the last egg under “My Breakfast,” cracking dresses from Cinderella’s closet and a small leather belt — all infopovod. However, many had grown tired of the ubiquitous Yana and want to know about her less.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin have been on the lips of all, and since the head of the family became prostigospodi, popular blogger, the chance to learn about life star of the family was left virtually none. Here Alla fooling around with a friend Vajkule, but dancing with her husband — Maxim is always on the alert and already mounts a fresh post for its army of subscribers.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin children

However, more excitement is not a Diva and Maxim their children Lisa and Harry. Adorable twins dance, paint, sing, teach French and English, swim and even rap. Proud father of all these shares with followers and the media — with readers, many of whom, looking at these talented kids have already developed an inferiority complex. We ask for mercy.


Nyusha is not that frequent guest of our portal, but with the birth of a child everything has changed: fans are interested in the details of the life of a young mother and child. But there are those who continue to wonder: why do we all know? I confess, we, too, are not always able to answer this question.

Igor Sivov and Nyusha

Kim Kardashian

All the heroes of today’s list just losers compared to Kim Kardashian: she started to annoy people before it became mainstream, as Kim penetrated into the minds of millions, when there was no instagram and “opinion leaders” are not bred by the thousands.

As one of the main characters of the reality show “Family Kardashian” Kim decades the trend is still in. And if earlier the main reason to attract attention to himself, was the “naked” photos, but now they added three children and a husband with unstable behavior. But still more often in the tabloids Kim gets due to the fact that he can do to perfection: to be naked.

Demonstration body, which she dresses in a transparent dress and a tiny cloth bikini — here’s the recipe for the popularity of the stars. And many of this old trick has long been pall.

Kim Kardashian

Emily Ratzkowski

Emily follows the precepts Kim: she builds a career on the nudity a little more than full. At the same time for a Nude selfie is a powerful philosophical base — feminist. Their right to be naked and be sexy Emily defended with all the fervor.

Emily Ratzkowski

However, this career is not really helping: hands-free role is still there, as invitations to the world’s catwalks. But the model actively advertises swimwear and even creates them itself — in the end, in a bikini in Emily we see most often. But the artist was said to Kostik from “the Pokrovskie gate”, is obliged sometimes to change!

Lena Dunham

Actress, producer, writer and screenwriter Lena Dunham, in General, leads a pretty quiet life: all work and no minimum number of secular parties — such popularity in the media do not earn.

The heroine of the tabloids the star of the show “Girls” is getting because of its openness in matters of personal life. Dunham always honest with fans, because he knows what is for them an example and needs to be totally honest, whether we are talking about a painful break-up with longtime boyfriend, heavy operations (Lena removed the uterus and left ovary) or the relationship with your own body.

But such frankness, not all are willing, and many of our readers wonder while reading another post about problems Dunham: why do we know all this, how would they ask, wanting Lena to health — including mental.

Lena Dunham

Children of the stars

An unwritten rule of modern etiquette — about the children, either good or nothing. All your “what an ugly child”, “she can’t pronounce the letter L?” and other subjective opinions, even if very difficult, you have to keep to yourself. But the children of the stars, it seems, is not a concern — when reading another article about the daughter Tatiana Navka or the son of Yana Rudkovskaya, people forget that children are just children and continue to exercise the wit as well as do their parents.

Evgeny Plushenko and Yana Rudkovskaya with son Sasha

But in principle they can understand: it is their children we are ready to watch endlessly, and in others not.

Alexander Petrov

Over the last couple of years Alexander Petrov firmly entrenched in the status of the main young actor of our cinema, and it’s not so much about the actor’s talent (there are disputes, despite the hysterical poetry reading), but the presence of Petrov in the frame — it’s everywhere, to make room even had Danila Kozlovsky.

Some enthusiastically call Petrova the best actor of the generation, others wonder why he became the new hope of cinema. As the saying goes, what times — such heroes, but many believe that Sasha is too much of Gossip girl is also noticed.

Alexander Petrov in the film “T-34”

Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky’s private life, respectively, and the publications about it in the media at times less than about the same Kardashian or Ratzkowski. But the case of bygone days continue to haunt any new interview Monica is a surge of indignation among the readers due to the fact that Lewinsky continues to chew on the consequences of intimate relations with bill Clinton.

Monica Lewinsky

Of course, the experience was traumatic and, as time has shown, have influenced the entire life of Monica, but many Gossips have long tired to discuss it.

And who else of the heroes of Gossip you tired as hell?

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