The results of the year 2018: the strange antics of politicians and officials

Vladimir Putin and Queen Elizabeth II

Our next “year”, this time on the strange antics of politicians and officials. Remember, who this year surprised the public with his behavior, makes her laugh and become the hero network.

Theresa May

Policy — thing is, of course, extremely serious. But sometimes you want to deviate from the official records, to give vent to emotions and allow yourself to relax a little.

The Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may this year, probably quite rightly can get the title of “the politics of dancing” dance during a visit to Africa in August literally blew up the network. Mei decided to repeat the African students in Cape town, who greeted her dancing, and then two days later she again started to dance during a visit in Nairobi. It looked incredibly ridiculous and absurd. However, the very Prime Minister from his speech, I think, pleasure.

But it was not the only occasion this year when Theresa may showed the audience their choreography and plastic. In October, she was unable to refrain from dance moves at the opening of the Congress of the Conservative party. After hearing the song group ABBA Dancinq Queen, she came in the room just to preplasma than led him into raptures.

Dancing Teresa may Internet users compared with the broken robot, Pinocchio, the tin Woodsman and… Dmitry Medvedev — his dance to the song of group “the Combination” American Boy became a real hit a few years ago.

Ksenia Sobchak

Call Ksenia Sobchak politician, of course, possible with the big stretch. But as it is this year ran for President, we in this category for a while to rank.

I must say that Ksenia his presidential campaign paid a lot of attention: we visited different cities, met with local residents and promised to solve many of their problems — it seems that husband Maxim Vitorgan seriously was going to become head of state. And to prove that their country she loves and honors its traditions (including religious), she even plunged into the ice-hole on Epiphany (never before she didn’t). And she did it in Tomsk in the real Epiphany frosts — the thermometer that day was showing -40.

However, Holy water and religious ceremony Sobchak to win elections has not helped — by the President of the country again became Vladimir Putin. He, by the way, unlike Ksenia, the baptism in the hole is dipped for a long time.

Igor Sechin

Despite the fact that Halloween is a holiday Western, but in the Western world our politicians try not to focus, something they reluctantly still borrow. This year, for a moment forget about patriotism and spiritual scrapie, the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin decided to make fun of colleagues at a business meeting in Sochi try on the image of the vampire. Special props to him for this not needed — only took a pair of pills Tic Tac, who gave him fangs. Colleagues Sechin the joke and laughed heartily over the trick official.

Eugene Dietrich, Dmitry Shugaev and Igor Sechin

Donald Trump

The US President often amuses the audience with his antics: he is late to the official meeting, makes an unexpected statement, then forgets to sign important documents, then fall into another awkward situation. In the same year Donald trump, of course, also noted a strange behavior. And now — about some of them.

June 11, an event that the media immediately called historical: Donald trump met with the head of North Korea Kim Jong-UN in Singapore. The meeting of the leaders of the two States began with the traditional handshake, which, note, already lasted 13 seconds! Not wanting to let go of the hand of the President of North Korea, his colleague from the United States joined with him in dialogue and exchanged a few greeting phrases.

I must say that the way to greet the head of the US journalists have long noticed that Donald trump is rarely limited to a short handshake, and each time it becomes the subject of conversation and jokes. So, the President of Japan Shinzo Abe last year and all were “in captivity” trump as much as 19 seconds when he squeezed his hand, which, by the way, he had several times to touch.

And recently, at the summit of “Big twenty” in Argentina, Donald trump has again trapped. Leaving the scene, trump is not checked, switched off his microphone and turned to his assistant with the following words:

Get me out of here!

he said.

The microphone is also, as you might guess, was enabled, so this phrase trump heard by all present.

But that’s not all. The leader of the USA has not behaved quite politely towards the President of Argentina Mauricio Macri, when after parting with him, not becoming to wait for the photo shoot, rushed off the stage and left his colleague standing there alone. Macri, apparently, was confused.

Not too politely behaved Donald trump and against Queen Elizabeth II during an official visit to the UK this summer: the US President has stood in her way and prevented to pass the first down the line of soldiers, thus violating the Protocol and rules of etiquette.

This funny video of the incident soon appeared online and immediately became the subject of several jokes and memes.

God save the queen…from Trump.
What tf is he doing?

Another addition to the #25thAmendmentNow collection.

— Holly Figueroa O’reilly (@AynRandPaulRyan) July 13, 2018

God save the Queen from the trump!

— I began to jest Internet users.

Emmanuel Macron

Bad example, as we know, is contagious. “Take revenge” for all the “victims” from the hands of the trump took Emmanuel macron. This year at the G7 summit in Canada he squeezed the hand of the President of the United States that after the greeting even traces. Internet users after that meeting, the two leaders began to joke and called trump a “victim of a Macron”, and suggested that they arrange competitions armwrestling.

Donald trump and Emmanuel macron
Hands with Donald trump after a handshake Emmanuel Macron

Vladimir Putin

The Russian President, as we all know, has many talents: his fishing exploits when he caught a 21-kilogram pike and archaeological skills when he from the bottom of the Taman Bay got two ancient amphorae, of course, not forgotten.

But, it turns out that Vladimir Vladimirovich and a great dancer! In August our President went to a wedding at the head of the foreign Ministry of Austria Karin Kneissl. He handed the bride a wedding bouquet, Putin invited her to dance in front of the guests, who began to remove this action for mobile phones, spun her in a waltz (or his likeness).

Karin Kneissl and Vladimir Putin

On the same day, the network blew up another video with the participation of the Russian President. At the summit of “Big twenty” in Argentina Vladimir Putin rather informal greeted Saudi Prince Muhammad bin Salman al-Saud.


As you can see, greeted the two heads of state just like old friends, a gesture of “high five”. Of course, unnoticed this greeting left (Donald trump, for example, was unable to hide his astonishment).

But, as explained by Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, nothing unusual in that handshake was not.

It is a good personal relationship. They are the key to effective cooperation on a mutually advantageous basis,

he said.

By the way, this handshake has inspired the creators of the show Saturday Night Live for a new parody.

That handshake? It meant nothing. #SNL

— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) December 2, 2018.

Dmitry Peskov

Mustache — this is, perhaps, one of the main business cards, Dmitry Peskov, and he parted with them very rarely, very reluctantly and against their will. In the summer the press-Secretary of the President of Russia suddenly got rid of the facial hair, and it happened after the final match of the world Cup.

In General, why Volodya, I mean Dmitry, shaved his mustache, we did not understand, probably, it again lost someone dispute four years ago, his daughter Lisa (for example, put it on the victory of the Croats). But the new image of the sand, it seems, was not to the soul — the mustache he began to grow immediately after I shaved them.

Dmitry Peskov

Queen Elizabeth II

Not that this trick Queen Elizabeth II is a strange, but not to mention it will probably be wrong.

In the summer an official visit to Britain, which lasted three days, granted Donald and Melania trump. The US President, the British Queen did not much complain because his political views are, to put it mildly, does not share. Not wanting to engage in open conflict, Elizabeth II went the other way and wittily outlined its position in relation to the policy of the U.S. leader.

The public to pay attention to what the brooch was worn by Queen Elizabeth II during this visit, the Trumps. So, one day her dress was adorned with accessories, donated by Michelle and Barack Obama (enemy of trump), at other times she appeared in public with a mourning brooch. On the third day she pinned to my dress brooch, donated by former Governor General of Canada, nation-ally Britain, which is not much fan of trump, David Johnston. Here is such a trolling king.

Melania trump, Queen Elizabeth II and Donald trump

The results of the year 2018: the strange antics of politicians and officials

Whose antics do you remember the most?

Theresa may and her sancycline Sobchak and swimming in Parabiago Sechin and his image on Halloweenadult trump and his trump rukovoditelia and turned microtonal trump and his confusion at the meeting with Queen Elizabeth Abmmanual Makron and his rukovoditelnitsej Sands and his pavlacky Putin and his dance with the foreign Minister of Strielacky Putin and a friendly handshake with the Prince of Saudi Arbeidere Sands and his yegoryev Queen Elizabeth II and her brooches

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