The results of the year 2018: the wedding of the Royal families

Wedding ceremonies royals every year, is not so much as weddings of stars of show business, but the scale of them is impressive. We offer you to remember in which noble families this year held the wedding and how it was.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

We understand that Harry and Megan almost did not leave other members of the vote no chance, so let’s start of course with this pair. Wedding of the British Prince and his bride, American actress, was held on may 19 and raised in the press such noise, which was not in connection with the marriage of William and Kate Middleton! Still: Megan Markle ambiguous personality, she has many fans, and haters, and only on domestic showdown with the bride’s father and her other relatives could easily become the script of the series.

The world’s media, including we, perhaps, even too many wrote about the wedding of Megan and Harry, so for now just recall some of the facts. The cost of the ceremony, according to estimates by the press, was approximately 32 million pounds. It was attended by about 600 guests, and overall celebration followed in the US and the UK more than 50 million people. To the altar the bride led the groom’s father, Prince Charles. Megan wore a dress from Givenchy.

Jack Brooksbank and Princess Eugenie

In October, all attention was again chained to the British capital, where at Windsor castle hosted the wedding ceremony of 28-year-old Princess Eugenie of York and 32-year-old businessman Jack Brooksbank.

I must say that the preparation for the celebration did not do without scandals: more than 20 thousand people signed the petition that “two of the Royal wedding at public expense in one year is already too much.” The ceremony itself took place without pads, and it gathered many of the members of the Royal family, including the Queen, princes William and Harry with their families. Had enough of star guests from the sphere of show business: a selfie at the wedding ceremony and the party did demi Moore, Liv Tyler, Kate moss, Ricky Martin, Naomi Campbell and Robbie Williams.

Thomas, Nicholas, George and Jack Brooksbank, Princess Eugenie, Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Beatrice, Prince Philip, Sarah Ferguson, Prince Andrew, children: Theodore Williams, MIA Tindall, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Isla Phillips, Savannah Phillips, Maud Windsor

Princess Stephanie Sibylla of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and Jan Stahl

This summer, first married the 46-year-old German Princess Stephanie Sibylla, daughter of Prince Andreas of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha became the wife of the 49-year-old engineer BMW Jan Stahl. The civil ceremony took place in Gotha, castle Friedenstein. After the registration of the newlyweds according to tradition, together planted a tree near the castle.

Princess Stephanie Sibylla of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and Jan Stahl

This time the reason for the criticism was not the pomp of the wedding, but rather her humility. More precisely, the haters did not like Princess dress — considered by many to be insufficiently solemn for such an important event. However, Stephanie Sibylla and before the wedding several times, became the target of attacks in social networks because of the appearance.

Alessandra de Osma and Christian Hanover

In March, 32-year-old Prince Christian of Hanover, the youngest son of Prince Ernst August of Hanover, were married 26-year-old Peruvian model Alessandra de Osma. His future wife Prince met back in 2005 during a visit to Peru, then 14-year-old Alessandra appeared to him as a guide. In November 2017, the couple married in London, and in March 2018 was a massive celebration at home of the bride, in Lima.

Alessandra de Osma and Christian Hanover

The ceremony was seen by the elder brother of the groom Prince Ernst August, Princess Alexandra’s sister, Kate moss with her boyfriend, count Nikolai von Bismarck, Pierre Casiraghi, Greek Princess Maria-Olympia, British Princess Eugene and Beatrice.

The bride walked down the aisle in a dress with a lace bodice and a long train from Jorge Vazquez, this outfit, by the way, immediately began to compare with the wedding dress of Kate Middleton.

Princess Ayako and Kei Moriya

The press loves such stories: the Princess Ayako per great-niece of the Emperor of Japan, abdicated in order to marry his chosen one. Of course, she was not the first in line for the throne, but nevertheless the news spread across the media all over the world. K. morya, beloved Princess, has a noble origin, because the girl will no longer be able to claim the crown.

K. Moriya and Princess Ayako

The wedding of the Princess and the employee of a major transport company was held in late October in Tokyo’s Meiji Shrine. The couple drank sake from three cups in Shinto ritual and exchanged rings in Western tradition, in front of the guests.

James Coyle and Ivar Mountbatten

And in September there was an unprecedented first in the history of the British monarchy the Royal family entered into same-sex marriage. Talking about the 55-year-old cousin of Queen Elizabeth II Lord Ivar Mountbatten, who married 56-year-old James Coyle.

James Coyle and Ivar Mountbatten

On their orientation relative of the British Queen announced two years ago. The news was unexpected to the public, because previously the Ivar for 16 years was married to Penelope Thompson, they have three children. New choice men working as a pilot, they met in the Swiss ski resort. Elizabeth II blessed the marriage.

The wedding was quiet, it was attended by about 60 guests, one of the members of the Royal family on holiday was not. To the altar, Ivar led his ex-wife.

Fernando Fitz-James and Sophia, Palazuelo

6 Oct 28-year-old Fernando Fitz-James Stuart married the 26-year-old Sofia, Palazuelo. The wedding took place in the Palace of Liria, the residence of the Duke of Alba. Fernando, the grandson of the late Duchess of Alba, his bride works as PR Manager brands Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera in new York.

The wedding was attended by more than 750 guests, including Queen Sofia of Spain and designer Agatha Ruiz de La Prada.

Fernando Fitz-James and Sophia, Palazuelo

The bride was pretty concise dress with short sleeves and a long train. The designer of the outfit was the aunt of Sophia Theresa Palazuelo. The girl refused the tiara family, the Alba, and instead of a veil her hair complements the decoration of feathers.

The bride and groom met while in College for international studies in Madrid.

Duchess Sophia of Württemberg and count Maximilian D Adige

October 2018 was rich in the wedding of aristocrats: the granddaughter of an 82-year-old head of the house of württemberg Duke Carl von württemberg this month married French aristocrat. Wedding ceremony 24-year-old Duchess Sophia of württemberg, and 29-year-old count Maximilian D Adige was held in the castle of Tegernsee in Germany. To the altar the bride was led by the father of Prince Philip of Württemberg.

Duchess Sophia of Württemberg and count Maximilian D Adige

At the ceremony, the Duchess appeared in an elegant and understated dress with three quarter sleeves and a long train, to cope with which helped her little pages.

“Miss Moscow — 2015” Oksana Vojvodina and the king of Malaysia Muhammad V

In November, the public literally has stirred up the news that 25-year-old winner of the title “Miss Moscow — 2015” Oksana Vojvodina married 49-year-old king of Malaysia Muhammad V.

The wedding ceremony took place in Moscow at Barvikha Concert Hall. Oksana was dressed in a gorgeous white dress, and her lover — in Malaysian national costume.

Muhammad V and Oksana Vojvodina

However, to become Queen Oksana even after the wedding is not destined — despite the fact that she converted to Islam and now bears the name of Rihani, the Royal title, she will not get, so how can he be rated only native resident of Malaysia.

What is the wedding you remember the most?

Prince Harry and Megan Marklogic Brooksbank and Eugenepivack Princess Stephanie Sibylla of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and Yang Stellastarr de Osma and Christian Hannoverschestrasse Ayako and Kei, Moregames Coyle and Ivar, Mountbattern Fitz-James and Sofia Palaiologina Sophia of Württemberg and count Maximilian D Adige”Miss Moscow — 2015″ Oksana Vojvodina and the king of Malaysia Muhammad V

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