The results of the year 2018: the wild and weird fashion shows in 2018

In the 90s, fashion shows, associated chiefly with the names of supermodels. Christy, Naomi, Linda, Claudia — these names were on everyone’s lips, their appearance was waiting, with bated breath, like a rock star. The lack of special effects and scenery then it does not bother anyone, but over time fashion has evolved from the usual presentation of the new collection in real performances. Simple dress (even cut out of some nanomaterials) is no surprise — the public needs a show! And without the spectacular details, there is not enough. SPLETNIK.RU recalls the most controversial shows of the year and strange fashion accessories that surprise us.

The title of the most creative and impressive fashion week is definitely possible to give Milan. It was on his catwalks this year and carried the severed head, and dogs, and the mutated busts. However, everything in order.

1.Disappeared: drones instead of models

The drama with Selena Gomez and the Chinese influenciada was still far away, but Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, it seems, from the beginning of the year, made a firm decision to become the major newsmakers of the fashion industry. On the show of the autumn/winter 2018 Milan designers came up with is that sometimes will not open another model at the peak of hype, and a squadron of drones. The audience the triumph of technology over man is not particularly appreciated — the beginning of the show was delayed for 45 minutes, during which the audience repeatedly asked not to use the Internet on phones (wi-fi enabled could affect the management of flying “models”).

Promotion Dolce&Gabbana has caused a mixed reaction, but, as became clear after a couple of months, their lives. In early June, at fashion shows in Saudi Arabia (fashion show was held in Jeddah, on the red sea) again without models — this time the drones have demonstrated not only accessories, but also dresses, among which, incidentally, were also creations from Dolce&Gabbana.


Instead of female model Drone used in a fashion show in Saudi Arabia.

— WMR (@IamAdvRizvi) June 8, 2018



عرض أزياء في السعودية.. كانه فيلم اشباح

— واحد oNe (@wa7d_riyadh) 7 Jun 2018


2.One head is good, two is better: a new trend from Gucci

Fashion week in Milan, which was held in February, was remembered with the screening of Gucci. Confusion gathered to see the autumn-winter collection from Alessandro Michele has been introduced in the platform space designed in the style of operating. The results of surgical interventions soon it was possible to see on the podium two models paraded with replicas of their own heads in their hands, because the purse is so old-fashioned! And, in the end, who said that his head other people will not put?

By the way, the manufacture of these goals took almost six months, and worked on them the command of the Roman Makinarium company specializing in special effects. Outrageous idea Michele, however, is not so new, the image of the people, holding in his own head, the so-called cephalophora found in Christian art and is the whole direction in the iconography (for example, the bas-relief with this story can be found on the walls of Notre-Dame de Paris). The trick, however, is estimated — based on the show the network launched a flash mob.


3. And I bring you flowers — life: models with babies

Whether it was trying to give the show a very deep meaning by reference to another eternal story, whether the next Manifesto for the freedom of all natural with all the ugly, but the kids this year appeared on the podium not only on presentations of children’s collections.

During the summer show Sports Illustrated, the Week beach fashion Miami model Mara Martin appeared on the podium together with his five-month-old daughter. During the fashion show the girl feeding baby breastfeeding. The campaign must have been conceived as a feminist: the fashion industry is struggling to deal with endless charges of discrimination. This year we have seen on the catwalk and nursing and pregnant women and plus-size models.

Mara Martin

This happening has been controversial, and the show immediately got on the front pages of the world press. She and Martin later wrote in Instagram that her story does not deserve the media’s attention, how to be a mommy and feed your baby — completely natural. Some Internet users, however, condemned this point in the show.

Don’t understand this passion, all thrust under the nose of his breast!

The exhibitionism of some sort!

We will remind, this summer, attacks and Chrissy Teigen, another active supporter of public breastfeeding.

Well, earlier this year babies appeared on the shows of Collina Strada and Willy Chavarria in the framework of the fashion Week in new York in February. This time without feeding — kids were carrying men. But the understanding of the action, too met not at all. Some thought that in such a situation, the child simply becomes an accessory.

Showing Collina Stada autumn/winter 2018/2019

Screening of Willy Chavarria autumn/winter 2018/2019

4.Those funny animals: from dogs to dragons

Remember those dashing of zero, when all the small girls was carrying under his arm a little shaking Chihuahua? Before my eyes was the face of the leader of a glamorous dog’s movement, Paris Hilton and everyone wanted the same. To brush away a tear of nostalgia can be had at the TOD’s show in Milan held in February this year.

On the catwalk models, among them was Vittoria, Ceretti and Gigi Hadid also came out with dogs of different sizes and colors — comeback of the trend happened in honor of the Year of the dog according to the Eastern calendar. Happy the puppies are not looked — animal rights activists too.

Vittoria, CerettiLiu Wen

An alternative view was offered again Chanel — in the end, who in 2018 still wants to be like Paris Hilton? It is better then the Mother of dragons! On the same show in Milan the models who didn’t get a copy of your own head, Michele has provided a realistic doll of a baby dragon and a chameleon. At least none of the dogs were not injured.

Show Gucci autumn/winter 2018/2019Show Gucci autumn/winter 2018/2019

5. Android robot: Irina Shayk and transformers

Usually German designer Philipp plein impressive (actually, no) the public only by the number of sequins, rivets and rhinestones, which he managed to cram into their collections. Stuck with such expressive means, too, somewhere in the landscape of the zero plane, it seems, decided to sovremennitsa in the company to luxury Irina Shayk designer invited a giant robot.

Irina Shayk

6.Full width: the invoice of the third breast

What is now in the trend of reimagining the 80s and 90s has long been clear to all. But I think after going through all the key fashion looks of those years, some designers took over the cinema. At least in the show of the controversial brand GCDS (God Can’t Destroy Streetwear, which translates as “God can’t destroy streetwear fashion”) many saw references to the cult film “total Recall” (Total Recall). Since this blockbuster with Arnold Schwarzenegger trehgrudaya women from the audience, it seems, managed to break the habit.

Showing GCDS spring/summer 2019

7.Whether the skirt is, and whether vision: wigs for vaginas from the Korean brand

It seems, in the fashion shows we have seen it all: the dress made of aluminum cans, hats made of plastic, shoes made of tennis balls, but the South Korean brand Kaimin clearly brought a strange assortment of fashion Weeks to a new level. On the catwalk for autumn/winter 2018/2019 on the catwalk demonstrated wigs for private parts.

Models walked in front of the public only draped over the shoulders of the cloaks and jackets (also very original), so that the audience could easily appreciate the stylish new. Well, the whole point of the modern industry of beauty and fashion in one way: to go for full hair removal, then to buy a wig for the vagina.

Showing Kaimin autumn/winter 2018/2019

And what strange images on the shows memorable for you?

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