The rivalry between the 2 young girls on social networks ends in murder

La rivalité entre 2 jeunes filles sur les réseaux sociaux se termine en meurtre

For several weeks, Kaitlin (photo), 18, and Cassidy, 16 years old, narguaient, insulted and threatened on the social networks.

All this for a story of romantic rivalry. The ex-boyfriend of Kaitlin had been in a relationship with the teenager of 16 years old before you get back with Kaitlin.

Last week, the rivalry between the two young girls up a notch : according to Cassidy, Kaitlin and her friend Vivian, 18 years old, told her that they wanted to fight with it.

On the night of Thursday 28 February to Friday 1 march, Kaitlin and Vivian went at Cassidy. This last has pulled out a knife and stabbed the two young women.

The teenager then called the police to say she had been attacked while returning home. The rescue, arrived on the scene, have only been able to see the death of Kaitlin while Vivian gets away with minor injuries.

Cassidy, who has been incarcerated for murder, pleaded self-defence.

But the aunt of Kaitlin says that other people are involved in the attack and that his niece has fallen in an ambush :

“They have cheated on my niece for her to go there. They have trapped. She had no chance. They filmed the assault, what kind of person does that?”, angrily she.