The Rover has made a panorama in the format of 360 degree

Марсоход сделал панораму в формате 360 градусов

This video was assembled based on the materials made on December 19.

Space Agency NASA has published on its website a panoramic video of Mars taken by the American Mars Rover Curiosity.

NASA indicates that the Rover descended the ridge Faith Rubin after more than a year of research, reports Before that, he made a panorama in the format of 360 degree in the area of its latest drilling on the ridge of Rock Hall.

It is reported that now the Rover during the year will explore the clay deposits of the area of Glen Torridon and the bottom of Gale crater.

The video itself was mounted on the basis of submissions made on 19 December.

In early December, 2018 NASA experts first published recording of the noise of the wind on Mars. So, December 1 seismograph automatic interplanetary station InSight was able to capture the oscillations, which was the sound of the Martian wind. Its speed ranged from 16 to 24 kmchas.