The Russian foreign Ministry accused Canada in connection with the legalization of marijuana (PHOTO)

МИД России обвиняет Канаду в связи с легализацией марихуаны  (ФОТО)

The Russian foreign Ministry said that the legalization of marijuana in Canada is a violation of international obligations. This refers to the international conventions that authorize the use of drugs only for medical and scientific purposes.

Russia also emphasized that they hope that the G7 countries will affect Canada.

“We expect that the arbitrariness of Canada will react to its partners in the Group of seven, as this Association has repeatedly expressed its commitment to the rule of international law in interstate relations”, – said the Minister.

“It is clear that the canadian authorities “normalisatie” will become a serious obstacle to progress towards the established global community strategic objective of building a society free from drugs”, added at the end of his statement to the Ministry.

Canadian bill to legalize the use of marijuana for recreational purposes came into force not so long ago this month. Authorities believe that the crime will be reduced.

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