The Russians predicted the end of the world, which will begin with his country

Россиянин предсказал конец света, который начнется с его страны

The cause of the cataclysm will be climate change.

In the network appeared many prophecies from famous and not so famous. Some version of Armageddon so vastly different that people generally stop believing those or other subjects, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

Some data about the future also publish the sages, whose information is based on the Scriptures. To the sages refers Alex Penza.

The man was told what to expect humanity in the future and what troubles will happen. According to him, the Apocalypse for Russia and other countries are already on track: the first “shot” will happen this year. So, the market would appear conventional paper money all will use solely electronic means. People will receive the mark “666” in the state come the famine and disaster caused by climate change.

The elder declares that thus will be the purification of the world from the unjust. However, he said that will be tested also believers. They will be able to escape from pursuit in the forests and Outback of the country. The only means of citizens of the province.

Alex noted that in the temples of salvation will not. There will eventually rule the hell. In order to go to heaven, people will have to pray earnestly for myself and for relatives.

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