The SBU said about the exposure of the group to intervene in presidential elections

СБУ заявила о разоблачении группы по вмешательству в выборы президента

The security service of Ukraine (SBU) said the exposure allegedly operating in the Republic a criminal group with the participation of the Russians that planned intervention in the elections of the President of the country. This was at the briefing said the Deputy head of the service Viktor Kononenko.

For illegal activities, according to him, used the cash obtained illegally, it is noted on the website of the SBU.

Illegal activity was the formation in the constituencies of the so-called pyramid: sector Manager Sr. polling station — “ten,” “twenty”, which should provide the necessary number of votes in favour of a particular candidate.

According to the SBU main coordinator of the network was one of the people’s deputies of Ukraine. His name Kononenko was not called. “The formation of the “pyramid” continued after the official start of the election campaign in January 2019. For this he received new tranches of cash in foreign currency converted into UAH and were distributed on the ground,” — noted on the website of the service.

Currently, law enforcement officers conducted dozens of searches of members of the group.