The scandalous Russian actor was involved in a serious accident

Скандальный российский актер попал в серьезное ДТП

The scandalous Russian actor Alexey Panin got in an accident. The accident happened in Moscow on the street podvoyskogo. There two taxi cabs collided, and then faced the car joined the Mercedes with Panin in the passenger seat.

Due to the sudden braking of the vehicle the actor struck his head. The victim refused hospitalization.

According to Telegram channel Mash, driving a car with Panin was 36-year-old Leah Skvortsova. The actor called her his sweetheart. We also know that Skvortsov — screenwriter of the film “I’m back”, in which Panin was not only a actor but a Director.

Actor Panin repeatedly came in the news during their trips. Twice this year, Panin staged a brawl on Board the aircraft. In both cases, the actor was justified by the fact that he’s a celebrity, and it is not subject to the same rules as other passengers.

In Ukraine to enter Panin banned because of his public statements in support of Russian aggression.

We read in the Telegram channel, Facebook and Twitter

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