The scientists said, as the loss of savings increases the risk of death

Ученые рассказали, как потеря накоплений повышает риск смерти

The authors also observed a group of people with low incomes.

The loss of all savings in middle age increases the risk of premature death by 50%. Although money can’t buy happiness, research has shown that they are buying health.

American researchers from Northwestern University found that lost at least 75% of their savings in middle or older age people 50% more likely to die in the next 20 years. According to researchers, the emotional pain from financial losses, has a negative impact on physical and mental health in the long term. The observations showed that more than 25% of Americans are faced with a financial shock within 20 years, while continued observation. This is the first study, which concerned the impact of the financial losses in the long term to human health.

The authors also observed a group of people with low incomes who have not managed to collect any significant reserves, and therefore their health was considered vulnerable. It turned out that in this group the risk of premature death in the following 20 years increased by 67%. In other words, the presence and the loss of savings also negatively affects life expectancy, as their complete absence. Overall, the study involved 8 000 people.

Earlier the same group of scientists proved that financial stress, which is observed in periods of economic crisis and recession, causing short-term depression, high blood pressure and other characteristic of bad health symptoms. And now found out that the loss of savings promotes long-term negative health effects.

Therefore, when examining physicians should cautiously interested in the financial circumstances of their patients, if there is suspicion about the risk of any chronic disorders.

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