The scientists said, which way moves the Earth’s magnetic field

Ученые рассказали, в какую сторону сдвигается магнитное поле Земли

The shift occurs slowly.

Recently in the authoritative publication, published an article which States that the magnetic field is slowly shifting to the West. The cause of the movement, according to the scientist Oliver Bardsley, — formed huge waves in rare matter in the planet’s core, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

The expert noted that due to its wave characteristics in the nucleus resemble those that occur in the atmosphere. They are called Rossby waves.

Occurring in the core processes should cause a number of anomalies in the Earth’s magnetic field that caused the compass needle will be deflected from the geographical poles.

It should be noted that waves in the earth’s core can move to the East. To such conclusion Bardsley when he spent some calculations. Processes moving in the opposite direction, will shift the magnetic field to the West.

To prove his theory, the expert will be able only after lengthy observations. The scientist hopes that his words will be vindicated with time. The specialists noted the absolute displacement of the magnetic poles every 450 thousand years, therefore, the compass is inaccurate pointer.

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