The scientists told me after what age it is better not to give birth

Ученые рассказали, после какого возраста лучше не рожать

Contrary to the assertions of many specialists, childbirth after 35 years of recognized threat.

Canadian researchers from the University of Alberta found evidence that pregnancy and childbirth over the age of 35 years are fraught with danger for mother and child, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

Scientists came to the conclusion that women who postpone pregnancy to age after 35 years, subjected themselves and their offspring at increased risk of cardiac problems.

Women who give birth after age 35 are more prone to heart attack or stroke, regardless of how successful was the delivery, stated experts. Also according to them the high-risk group of heart disease children of these women in his adulthood. Particularly high the risk is for boys.

Scientists have conducted an experiment on rats older than 9.5 months, which is equivalent to the human age of 35. Female animals were divided in groups: pregnant and have given birth, never given birth, and those who have had a miscarriage. Experts have found that animals who left offspring, as in rats after a miscarriage tissue blood vessels were more rigid than in nulliparous.

The research also found that in young experimental females (especially male) there was a violation of the condition of the blood vessels, causing the deterioration of endothelial function, and negative changes in the bloodstream.

“Late pregnancy limits fetal growth in the womb, leads to an increase in weight of the placenta and increase her blood pressure. All this increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases like mothers and their children in adulthood”, – stated in the summary of the authors work.

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