The second son of Russian spies could restore canadian citizenship (PHOTOS)

Второй сын русских шпионов смог восстановить канадское гражданство (ФОТО)

A Federal court has ruled to restore the citizenship, the second son of Russian spies, who was born in Toronto, Timothy Vavilov. Four years ago, the government refused to renew the passports.

In June last year the Federal court made the same ruling in respect of younger brother Alexander Vavilov. However, the last word is for the Supreme court of Canada which will decide whether to leave the brothers Vavilov citizenship of this country.

The Vavilov born in Toronto in the 1990-ies two Russian spies Donald Heathfield and Tracey Ann Foley. 8 years ago the parents were arrested in the United States.

“I distinctly remember, as FBI agents burst into our house with guns when I was coming down the stairs,” said Alexander in a written affidavit. “My parents stood in handcuffs in front of my eyes and put me in a dark car on the street without saying why arrest my parents.”

In the end, the Heathfield and Foley admitted that he is Andrey Bezrukov and Elena Vavilova.

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