The ” selfesse “, the photo (dice)one who does not pass in Egypt

Le « selfesse », la photo (dé)culottée qui ne passe pas en Égypte

Le « selfesse », la photo (dé)culottée qui ne passe pas en ÉgypteSterilization of baby bottles : a survey is ouverteOn has read The investigation by Philippe ClaudelEnquête “to Be parents in 2011” with a Child.comL’Inpes launching a wide investigation on the nutritionEnquête on the numbers taxed : how much cost us do they really ?

Vacation photos of the porn actress Carmen de Luz have not appealed to the egyptian authorities. While she was visiting the site of the Giza plateau where sits the famous pyramids, the young woman is made take a photo of the rash to the air as she rode a camel in the middle of the historical monuments.

Stung to the quick by this provocation, the authorities have opened an investigation to determine whether Carmen de Luz stood on the site outside of opening hours or not. Indeed, although its behind monopolizes a little bit of attention, you can’t see the person in the background of the photo. “ That would mean that she remained in the area outside of the authorized hours , “said the minister of Antiquities for the journal Arhamonline.

This is a new case of outrageous for the minister who has already opened an investigation in early march after the shooting of a film X on the same tourist site. A Russian actress, there was very bothered by the visit of the pyramids before finally finding an occupation much more libidinal with another porn actor.

Carmen de Luz was nevertheless obliged to reassure Egypt by providing not to have taken part in the ” no pornographic film during her visit to Egypt “. To pass on his apologies, she has published several photos on her behalf Instagram to testify of his respect for the country and good faith. Dressed, this time.

Le « selfesse », la photo (dé)culottée qui ne passe pas en Égypte

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