The sheets of the “nests” bacteria : how often does it change ?

Les draps des "nids à bactérie" : à quelle fréquence faut-il les changer ?

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Sensitive souls, and hypochondriacs, refrain !

How often does he wash his bed linens? One month, one week, three months… The opinions differ from one home to another. All the nights we spend on average eight hours in our bed. During our sleep, our body will sweat (especially in the summer) and we lose dead skin. Result: our sheets are transformed into a real nest of bacteria, mites and germs. The sheets are also affected by the impurities of the chamber type of dust, hair and hair.

A clean bed, this is not of any rest!

Therefore, it is recommended to change the sheets and pillow cases every week, according to dr. Tierno, director of microbiology of the university medical center Langone of New York. This frequency would help to destroy the harmful substances and allow better breathing. And for cleaning, it is recommended to wash the bed linen at high temperatures and to air dry because the sun prevents the proliferation of bacteria.

Dangerous ?

“A person can sweat more than a liter per night, more if it is too covered,” says dr. Tierno. And not to change his sheets in time can be risky for the health. The airway is threatened, and if you are allergic or asthmatic, this can exacerbate the symptoms. If you have no allergy, you could develop a because you are constantly confronted with the mites. And for some people, the presence of dust mites can trigger coughing, sneezing, and itchy eyes. Symptoms particularly disturbing during sleep. Then, to your machines!

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