The skinning of Issoire has eaten the fingers of his victim

Le dépeceur d'Issoire a mangé les doigts de sa victime

The more we learn about the investigation on the skinning of Issoire, the more we fall into the sordid.

On 10 January, a plumber had been working in a hair salon in the city centre of Issoire (63), pipe bite-size pieces.

Inside, human remains have been discovered. The forces of the order, which arrived on the scene, they found 30 kilos of pieces of flesh in the pipes.

The victim was called Thierry G and was 45-years-old. This addict had recently inherited from his father a sum of about 100 000 euros.

The man, 36-year-old, who lived in the apartment above the hair salon, has been arrested and has confessed to the facts.

Inside the housing, the blood, a disc grinder, a circular saw, a hacksaw covered in blood, knives have been discovered.

In a freezer, there was a brain and a liver humans hidden in bags. Traces of blood were found in a frying pan.

In police custody, Johnny T. confessed to having killed and butchered Thierry G. Detail sordid : he said to have eaten the fingers of his victim to prevent identification.

This drug addict and schizophrenic, already sentenced to 14 times for small offences, said to have killed her boyfriend because he refused to give him a large sum of money to be able to purchase the drug.