The soloist “DeAngelo” Frank chose an outfit for going “beyond the potato”

Солистка «НеАнгелов» выбрала откровенный наряд для похода «за картошкой»

Fans of the actress criticized her outfit.

Soloist of the popular Ukrainian band NEANGELY Thank Kaminska, who told the truth about their plastic surgery, often chooses to extraordinary outfits. So, one of the last published images in Instagram, the actress appeared in the costume with blue leopard print. Glory wore a halter top and tight leggings, thus emphasizing her trim figure, reports the with reference for Today

“Of course, you would think that autumn is a time of melancholy, but no. I take myself in hands and feet going in all directions: to the gym, yoga, dancing, walking, in the end)”, – signed photo of the singer. Obviously dressed in a suit, Thank wanted to make in your life even a little bit of summer season.

However, not all fans liked the outfit Kaminsky: “one is terrible, fuuu”, “Great pajamas”, “Out of potatoes”, “the tights are very fat… not your style at all(“.

Солистка «НеАнгелов» выбрала откровенный наряд для похода «за картошкой»

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