The stairs from “the Joker” became a new attraction in the Bronx

Лестница из “Джокера” стала новой достопримечательностью Бронкса

This place is a new tourist hot spot for movie lovers.

The staircase featured in several films, but after the new “Joker” has turned into a new favorite place for tourists in the Bronx.

The staircase is located between the two buildings on the prospect of Shakespeare, about a half mile from Yankee stadium. In the film, lead actor Joaquin Phoenix (Joaquin Phoenix) dancing, walking down the stairs, in a bright red suit and clown makeup. After the premiere of “the Joker” in the area significantly increased the number of tourists who want to see a ladder and do it on the background of a selfie.

Some people even come in character costumes, trying to repeat the crazy dance of the Joker. The locals are not too happy with the increasing number of visitors and, consequently, noise.