The strike of the road: towards a shortage of gasoline?

Grève des routiers: vers une pénurie d'essence?

The drivers of trucks carrying hazardous materials have resumed their strike on Monday. The movement had started in the full weekend of the Ascension day Friday. It should be intensified, particularly in the province according to the CGT-Transport, which raises fears of a possible shortage of fuel.

Truckers resumed their strike on Monday 29 may, a movement that they had started on Friday 26, in the full weekend of the Ascension. This is particularly the drivers of trucks carrying hazardous materials, like fuel, gas or chemicals, that are unsatisfied and that require the recognition of the specificities, related to the transportation of hazardous materials. The employees, supported by the CGT, which claim a minimum wage of 14 euros per hour (against 9,73 euros currently) and a thirteenth month.

“We want to work ten hours per day maximum, compared to twelve hours, and a weekly rest of forty-five hours in a row”, explained the leader of the CGT-Transport, Jérôme Truth, the newspaper Le Parisien. For him, the employees of the Total group might join their movement so that no discussion with employers is not yet scheduled.

A blockage that could ultimately be the source of an oil shortage. Because the movement could harden from this Monday, 29 according to the federation of the CGT-Transport, which provides a scope of the strike in the province. In effect, the challenge was until then largely concentrated in the Ile-de-France. Already without refuelling for two days (Friday 26 and Saturday 27), some service stations could soon find himself sec. For the daily, the challenge could be felt as early as this Monday the 29th: stations-service can only hold about three days without being supplied. Some of them, in the Ile-de-France, are already facing some difficulties.

Fabrice Michaud, of the CGT-Transport said on Monday: that “70% to 80%” of the stations within the paris region were “at risk of stock-out”, a fact belied by the UFIP (French Union of industry, oil).