The student lost teeth and the tranquility of a seemingly innocuous beverage

Студент лишился зубов и спокойствия из-за, казалось бы, безобидного напитка

A UK resident drank six cans of energy drink Monster Energy every day and had no teeth.

Winnie the Pinner of English, Margate, Kent, addicted to energy drinks in September 2017, while studying in College. To stay fit and keep up with the projects, the student drank up to 45 cans of soda per week.

After seven months of constant use of power Vinnie bitten Apple, it broke off half the teeth. Panicky by, the guy ran to the dentist, and he explained to him that because of the excess sugar and caffeine in the body and lack of vitamins teeth Winnie rotten and weakened. Now he needs to deliver 24 fillings that will cost more than 2.5 thousand dollars.

To restore teeth – business not fast, the more difficult to collect so much money at once, so Vinnie still have to go with broken teeth. Because of shame and insecurity the guy dropped out of College and now fears that he will never be able to find a job.

“I don’t know what will happen to me next, but I hope it all works out. Energy ruined my life,” says Winnie Payner edition of Daily Mail.

Vinnie stopped drinking energy drinks, and now in addition to the dental pain he is experiencing withdrawal symptoms due to lack of caffeine, pain all over the body and fatigue. But the guy is trying not to be discouraged, he is closely engaged in their health and hopes soon to return to College.