The team of KVN “Pyatigorsk” will not go, but will get to Canada (PHOTOS)

Команда КВН "Город Пятигорск" не поедет в США, но до Канады доберется (ФОТО)

U.S. authorities denied the team of KVN “Pyatigorsk” in the request for a visa – the so-called visa petitions in connection with what is planned for 17 June performances in new York canceled. About it the correspondent of TASS reported on Friday, one of the organizers of the tour, producer Leo Trachtenberg.

In his words, to be eligible for the foreign artist or group of artists to perform on U.S. soil, organizers of the tour first, prepare a package of documents confirming that their wards are “unique cultural group”, which, in addition to biographies and all sorts of inquiries, provides media materials reviews, reviews of experts and other such information.

“Preparing all the necessary documents, we were not able to achieve the petition, based on which artists receive visas at the American Embassy in Moscow”, – said the producer.

He noted that for many years the work of the team occurred for the first time. “The team “Pyatigorsk” twice came to the States on tour, but it was in 2013 and 2014, – said the Agency interlocutor – Even Joseph Kobzon, who for many years is “banned” in the United States, endorsed the petition, though denied a visa after the interview”. As a result of the denial of the visa petition artists from Pyatigorsk can’t set up an interview at the American Embassy and, accordingly, to fly in the United States.

“What caused the denial of the petition, we still do not understand themselves, – said the producer. – The organization of the tour previous this command in the US, no problems arose. This time, the authorities demanded one additional confirmation for others, help for help, a piece of paper over a piece of paper a proof for the proof, we are prepared, but again was refused. This was followed quickly assembled a new, second set of documents, we tried to draw up a new petition, requesting work visas in another category, but again received a negative answer.”

Artists out of politics

The producer regretted that the aggravation of relations between the two countries, apparently, reflected not only on tourists but also on the artists.

“I hope that in the nearest future this situation will be resolved, but currently, it calls into question many touring projects – both for our and my colleagues who are organizing tours of Russian artists in America”, he added.

According to the organizer of the tour, the team “Gorod Pyatigorsk” – popular Pets in Russia and among American compatriots, “and they are out of politics.” Therefore, the performances from Pyatigorsk in new York, on the stage of “Master theater”, expected a full house, sold about a thousand tickets.

“To date, we as the tour organisers have done everything possible and impossible – assured Trachtenberg. – As a result of the cancellation of the American part of the tour, we lose a lot of money invested in its long-term preparation, not to mention time and labor. We apologize to everyone who was preparing for a meeting with the artists and bought a ticket, you can donate at their place of acquisition”.

Tour of KVN “Pyatigorsk” in Canada will be held as scheduled. The authorities approved visas to artists and their tours will be held June 15 in Montreal and June 16 in Toronto, as suggested earlier. The organizers of the new York tours also filed “for the sake of the principle of” an appeal against the decision of the American authorities in the denial of the visa petition.

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