The telephone company Verizon disconnected landlines in Brooklyn

Компания телефонной связи Verizon отключила стационарные телефоны в Бруклине

The telephone company Verizon disconnected landlines in Brooklyn

Author: Katerina Moskalets

Photo: Oines/CC

Brooklyn Heights Brooklyn USA

If you live in Brooklyn and still using a landline phone, soon you may encounter an unpleasant surprise. Company Verizon Wireless is already turned off some customers in Brooklyn Heights from their telephone.

Real estate broker Kevin CARBERRY told the Brooklyn Eagle that the phones in his home office in Columbia Heights was recently turned off without warning.

According to CARBERRY, Verizon gave him a “wireless device”. The broker calls the error of this decision, because now all calls are directed to one mobile phone, but not on 6 different as before.

But what is troubling CARBERRY, the most is the “arrogant attitude” of Verizon.

I complained that their solution is not the solution to my problems, stresses, CARBERRY, adding that he is not an option with one phone connection. – Their solution is not “customer-oriented”“.

District activist Jeffrey Smith is also indignant situations. He told the Brooklyn Eagle that in the last two weeks, when people turned to Verizon after the unexpected shutdown of the phone, they were told that this is due to the “cable problems” or “install new cables“, while not providing any additional information.

Smith says that all this is a serious concern, since fixed line phone used for home security systems, fire and burglar alarms and personal emergency alert devices for elderly and disabled people.

According to the nonprofit group Public Knowledge, the Problem is not limited to Brooklyn Heights or new York. Nationwide cable lines are replaced with fiber optic or wireless networks to ensure quick and quality phone connection. But the new rules adopted by the Federal communications Commission (FCC) under the administration of trump, do not contain adequate measures of consumer protection or sufficient coverage 49 million customers who still use a landline, according to Public Knowledge.

Employee group Daiquiri Ryan believes these changes are positive in the long term, but now the government are offered unsuitable alternative. Substitutes for fixed phones “are so unreliable that they do not regularly call 911,” emphasizes Ryan.

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