The theme of the Book Arsenal this year will be “future Project”

Темой Книжного Арсенала в этом году будет "Проект будущего"

Literary festival has announced the program and guests.

8-th international festival “Book Arsenal” announced the main theme of this year.

As the press service of “Arsenal”, the theme this year is “future Project”.

“The future does not yet exist, there are only our predictions and imagined projects. The future beckons with its uncertainty and, with it, does not give knowledge: we usually realize too late that the trend has become a defining characteristic of the time and that tomorrow it coordinates will describe the current reality, says curatore focus theme of the festival Faith Baldynyuk. The future is an eternal hope, we looking for comfort from injuries and suffering. But it is also a thirst for new challenges.”

Participants of the special program on the future will seek answers to the questions “what do people dream?”, “what will the future world order? “can modern technology to create a (super)man?”.

In General, the “Book Arsenal” this year come 200 Ukrainian writers and 75 guests from 30 countries of the world, their projects will present 150 publishers and niche projects.

Among the foreign guests this year: Oscar Brenifier (UNESCO expert and Director of the Paris Institute of practical philosophy), Tomas Venclova (poet and human rights activist), Milenko Jergovic (writer), Frederick Begbeder, Meir Shalev, Francesca Melandri, Slavenka Drakulic and others.

The festival this year will be a children’s program, a program for industry professionals, the competition for the best book design and musical program.

8th Book Arsenal will be held from 30 may to 3 June at Mystetskyi Arsenal.

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