The top 15 surprises on U.S. roads

The top 15 surprises on U.S. roads

Author: Anna Kazakova

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When planning a trip to the country with the whole family, Americans often choose to travel by car. So much more convenient. You are not tied to the schedule of public transport, take with you what you want, and besides, you can always deviate from the planned route to explore with stunning objects, encountered on the way.

Surprise modern Americans very difficult. Spoiled by the creativity of marketers competing for his attention and wallet, he indifferently passes leading to the delight of foreigners of monuments, buildings, natural wonders. But the car journey itself involves the element of surprise and improvisation, returns the ability not only to look but to see, to notice, and thus to experience — and you’re back childlike beginning to enjoy every new sensation! has prepared for its readers a little guide to the wonders of America, who will meet you during a car journey.

1. Mountain rescue (Salvation Mountain)

Niland (CA)

Топ-15 сюрпризов на дорогах США

Driving through the silent desert of the Colorado in southern California, travelers unexpectedly discover the creation of Leonard knight’s Mountain of salvation (Salvation Mountain). This deeply religious man preached as best he could, about God. The installation, created by knight between 80 and 110 miles of highway in the South-East of palm springs, is a hill of clay, covered with inscriptions, mosaics, murals, which took thousands of gallons of paint.

Come to the Hill of salvation from September to may. In the summer it’s too hot. To visit the art facility is open daily during daylight hours.

2. Charging (Carhenge)

Alliance (Ne)

Топ-15 сюрпризов на дорогах США

You traveled through Nebraska. The road is long and a bit monotonous. But what is it? What kind of automotive Stonehenge in the 87th mile of the route 100? Maybe it’s an optical illusion from fatigue? Not at all! Eyes are not deceiving you. It Carhenge — American response known attractions of Albion. Open installation of uyazdovsky their cars every day, but only in the daytime. In summer here you can buy Souvenirs. Visiting is free, donations are welcome.

3. The world’s largest brick (World’s Largest Brick)

Montgomery (Al)

Топ-15 сюрпризов на дорогах США

Americans are accustomed to the strange ad tricks. However, Jenkins Brick keeps trying to impress compatriots. In Montgomery, Alabama, the company decided to erect a monument to its own product — bricks. Of course, the largest in the world. However, in 2007, in Denton (TX) was officially registered similar to a monument of considerable dimensions. So technically, Alabama brick has not the largest. But this is a formality.

4. Enchanted highway (Enchanted Highway)

North Dakota

Топ-15 сюрпризов на дорогах США

Traveling through North Dakota, making stops in the most unexpected places. Who would have thought that driving on the highway on the West, you can see a whole Avenue of creative installations? The first of a series of sculptures dedicated to the culture and nature of the region, awaits you at the 72nd exit of the motorway a 94 in Gladstone. The last 32-mile highway South of Regent. There you can buy Souvenirs.

5. Kingdom of the dinosaurs II (Dinosaur Kingdom II)

Natural Bridge (Virginia)

Топ-15 сюрпризов на дорогах США

Kingdom of the dinosaurs II in West Virginia is very different from the usual theme parks. In these parts a natural history in the most unexpected way intertwined with the fiction. So you can see the t-Rex battle… soldiers Yankees. And a little then — Abraham Lincoln and the cowboys. Not to wrestle with the creators of the Park, read the signs next to the exhibits. To get into the Kingdom of the dinosaurs II is possible with the Lee Highway at Interstate 81 in natural bridge, about 40 miles North of Roanoke.

Admission for adults is $10, for children up to 13 years — $6. The Kingdom welcomes guests from 11.00 to 17.00 in summer and on weekends in may, September and November.

6. The world’s largest Santa Claus

Fairbanks Alaska

Even a trip to Alaska is not without surprises. Of course, the North pole is in the Northern U.S. state, but why would a small town with a population of slightly more than 2 thousand people not to poobrezali a little bit about yourself? Especially because there are installed the world’s largest statue of Santa Claus — weighing more than 400 kg. So significant is invented for himself a local shop, Santa Claus House.

Топ-15 сюрпризов на дорогах США

7. The unclaimed baggage centre

Scottsboro (Al)

Топ-15 сюрпризов на дорогах США

This is not the most famous in the U.S. store for the year is visited by more than 1 million (!!!) people. What is the secret of its popularity? The fact that all products presented in the Unclaimed Baggage Center — of lost when you travel in suitcases. Baggage not found its rightful owner, put up for sale. The only one of its kind in the United States, the store “lost and found” takes up almost an entire block.

8. The Tablets Georgia (Georgia Guidestones)


Топ-15 сюрпризов на дорогах США

“Let the word of these tablets leads to faith in times of mind” — these words since 1979 welcomes travelers with granitic composition in Georgia. 19 stone plates unknown author carved religious messages in 8 modern and 4 ancient languages.

9. The world’s largest Beagle (Dog Bark Park Inn)

Cottonwood (Idaho)

Топ-15 сюрпризов на дорогах США

In the town of Cottonwood, Idaho on highway 95 you will see the world’s largest Beagle, in which even to sleep! Yes, don’t be surprised. In fact, this huge friendly dog named Willie — the hotel Dog Bark Park Inn. The dog theme continues in the interior of the room — from the curtains to the bedside of rugs, not to mention the canine literature. Dog lovers will be very interesting! If you are in a hurry and overnight have no plans, stay in a hotel for at least 15 minutes to take pictures or buy from a nearby store Souvenirs in the form of beagles.

10. House Salem witches (Witch House of Salem)


Топ-15 сюрпризов на дорогах США

Driving along the Massachusetts, be sure to check out Salem. It will definitely attract fans of small, cosy provincial towns with their unique charm. Moreover, it preserved the last house on the end of the XVII century — the time of the Salem witch hunt.

11. The biggest pistachio in the world

New Mexico

Топ-15 сюрпризов на дорогах США

What strange things not found on the roadsides of American highways! Travelling by car in USA, on the road always meet 2-3 objects listed in the list of “world’s largest”. The state of new Mexico boasts the world’s largest… pistachio! Yes, a huge pistachio near PistachioLand. Penalty pistachio is so realistic, I want to try it!

12. The Avenue of chewing gum (Bubblegum Alley)

San Luis Obispo (CA)

Топ-15 сюрпризов на дорогах США

In California San Luis Obispo travelers with the opportunity to walk through the alley of bubble gum. Yes, out of ordinary chewing gum, which is entirely studded with the walls of the alley. The same “attraction”, but much smaller, is in Seattle. If you want to make your “contribution” to the maintenance of the alley, the first gum where you left in the 70-ies of the last century, turn into town on the 101 mile marker of the highway. The alley is located at 733 Higuera Street, between the shops, Ambiance and Blast 825, and available to visit on a regular basis.

13. The tree-octopus

Tillamook (Oregon)

Топ-15 сюрпризов на дорогах США

This strange form of canadian spruce, growing in the coniferous forest in the city of Tillamook has no explanation. Someone thinks that this shows the power of the spirit of the native American people, appealing to the ancestors. In any case — the octopus here, but the scenery is unique.

14. House Shoe (Shoe House)

Yorklyn (PA)

Топ-15 сюрпризов на дорогах США

The construction of a huge House-boot with Windows and a porch in 1948, was another desperate attempt by Haines Shoe to attract attention. The company sold shoes, and every visitor and resident of Yorklyn was supposed to be in the know! Now the House-Shoe open to the public.

15. The home of the fossilized dinosaur (Fossil Cabin)

Medicine Bow, Wyoming (WY)

Топ-15 сюрпризов на дорогах США
By Jeffrey Beall

In Wyoming you can get acquainted with a really unique house. It was built in 1932… just think… from the remains of these dinosaurs was found near the quarry in Como Bluff! In front of the entrance hangs a sign: “believe it or not.” There is a desire — come up here to make your own verdict — truth or fiction.

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