The trick surprising to apply when a child says a swear word

L’astuce surprenante à appliquer quand un enfant dit un gros mot

An expert in neuroscience in the uk has provided a council of the original to respond to the profanity spoken by a child.

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In the course of playtime, it is not uncommon to hear profanity. From the mouth of a child, these words may offend : yet, this period is a rite of passage. Boom, cut short the conversation, to punish… How to respond when a child says a dirty word ?

Emma Byrne, an expert in neuroscience, addressed the issue in his book, Swearing is Good for You: The Amazing Science of Bad Language (Swearing is good for you : science is incredible rude language).

In an interview with Good Morning Britain on ITV, a news channel in English, it delivers its tip to prevent a child to continue to say profanity.

No question of banning the big words : “instead of saying to her child ‘We’re going to stop this conversation, it is necessary to explain why the word he has spoken is inappropriate,” she explains.

The expert goes even further, by advising the parents to anticipate these profanity : “If we do not discuss about it with our children, they will learn to swear in the playground and they do not understand how the big words affect the feelings of the people”, continues the specialist.

A tip amazing, which has offended some viewers. Not what destabilize the specialist, who also explains in his book that the big words can be beneficial, as they help us to eliminate tension and to express our emotions.

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